July 14, 2010


Here is Oli. He is still growing. I'm following the book of Ana Paula Rimoli to make this Amigurumi. Its the art of crocheting small animals. Just found her little book in the library and I was too curious to bring it back without trying something out of it. Well, once you start you cannot stop...so I does feel it. I'm discovering the art of making them and for sure there are so many ways to go on with these...but thanks to Ana to introduce me to this woven world. Just perfect to do on a bright summerday! I want to try another one after this and then I want to put them together on a plain to my nieces Claudia and Milene in Perú! Hope they will feed them in time, and share all their love with it!;)


roberto said...

Muy bueno, muy bueno, entonces estos seres viajaran unos cuantos kilómetros!!! Que dichosos!!!

sandybau said...

Siempre se me ha hecho muy dificil esto de tejer, y aunque me encantan las cosas a crochet, nunca lo he intentado!
Esta lindisimo tu muneco, Kathy!!!
Ya kiero verlos en tu proxima tiendita!!