October 4, 2010

Da Vinci, Dalí & Me

Don't blame me! I just had fun watching the image in a childrens' book of art and I started drawing 'Lady with an Ermine' of Leonardo Da Vinci. A work from around 1490. Immediately I saw myself in it with my little Dalí. Everyday we are looking in this position to the garden, the birds, the bees and so many more moving material out there! :) But I guess I had to think about us because Dalí, my cat, looks like an ermine on his age of only 5 months now ;)

And in the end I am so surprised that Da Vinci gave this Lady such big hands! Incredible they are. Nonetheless...a nice piece! Thanks Mr. Da Vinci for your inspiration!


Ernesto y Felisa said...

Genial, los tres: a Dalí se le ve muy relajado, a Leonardo se le recuerda, y tú estas muy requetebien.
Un saludo.

roberto said...

Hola Kathy, muy buen trabajo!!!.
Muy bien podrías haber servido de modelo para Leonardo!!! y Dalí también, seguramente!!!

SKIZO said...