October 3, 2010

Beneath the Dangerous Beauty

After discovering a fairytale-mushroom in the forest on a sunday walk I got the idea to transform him in a mushroom-girl. Don't ask me why.
She looks very pretty but be careful with ladies like her :)
The mushroom is better known as the Fly Agaric (eng), Vliegenzwam (nl) or Matamoscas (esp), is toxic but still not too dangerous as other can be!
Here some pics from our little mushroom-journey in the forest.
Hope you had a crazy peaceful sunday too!

(Photos : Javier Huerta Pedreros )


d'Ank said...

Prachtig uitgewerkte mysterieuze illustratie! Op de manier waar ik zo van hou:-)
Bedankt om hem met ons te delen!

Kathy De Wit said...

Ik kom er weer bovenop...de slijmpjes achterwege gelaten en zie...weer tekentijd ;) Je hoort mij nog i.v.m. Tielt hoor! Besos!

Ernesto y Felisa said...

Bueno, como sombrero está fantástico,..., no es necesario comérselo...
bonita ilustración

SKIZO said...

Thank you for sharing
This fabulous work with us
Good creations

Linda Hensley said...

I like this. Interesting idea, and interesting expression on her face too.

Kelly Medina said...

Beautifully moody! Love it.


this is great! love the mushroom inspiration and colors. Nice paper texture too ♥