January 13, 2011

Turrones de Perú

As you know may'be. My heart lays in Perú and there are sooooo many things I love from overthere. Food, traditions, dances, music, art & so many more. But if there is one thing I'm not crazy of then it must be this sweet pie. Turrones de San Jose , the best you can get! My husband brought one with him in november and now he is enjoying every day of his treasure. I was pleased with the package...and a very small piece of it. It's very sweet and above all very dry.
Just not my piece of cake!


sandybau said...

OOohhhh!! Que ricooooooo! No lo pruebo desde que llegue a EEUU... mas de 8 años ya!

Ramgmf☺ said...

Se ve riquísimo, y seguramente lo es!!!!!

Ana said...

Es demasiado dulce y algo duro pero con la fiesta del señor de los milagros es casi tradicional comerlo...hay postres màs ricos en Perù.
Para la próxima dile que te lleve unas chocotejas de pecanas :P