May 16, 2011


My brother found this little mini-newborn-cat in the field. He called me to ask what to do. We tried to call the mother by putting the little creature back in the field and waiting for her but nobody came to pick him! Now the family of my sister-in-law are taking care of him and we all think he will make it and will be a big strong boy someday. I wanted to bring him home but don't know what could be the reaction of King Dali. :) mom-feelings were touched again!


hombre con barba said...

A veces la naturaleza nos dice que nosotros podemos darle una pequeña mano, ¿no sientes así?
Además veo que no solamente tus sentimientos han sido tocados otra vez, esto ha servido para que hagas una muy linda ilustración.
Te felicito!

Škorčica said...

Juuuuuuuuu! Kako luštno, so cute! :)

I sometimes think, that dogs and cats go along much better than 2 cats or 2 dogs. At least Zoja likes cats much more than dogs, ha!
My mom has two cats and Zoja protects the old one, when the young one gets too naughty. So funny to watch. :)