May 26, 2011

What I wore today

mmmm! After the Etsy Lab I got a new boost forward I guess. If feels very good and I really enjoyed making this 'What I wore today' to upload on the Flickr Group of Gemma Correll.
Everyone can join, just draw yourself with your clothes of that day or another day...and meanwhile Gemma is selecting drawings to make a book with it! So DRAW and upload it HERE !
More info on the 'What I wore today'-blog and facebook.
Would be fun to find some of you overthere too...let's play! ;)
x Kathy That's the way I draw....these months, enjoying the long evenings, the paper and my Dalí close to me. He waits until I'm finished to drink the water I used painting my drawing. I ♥ HIM! oh! And no picture like this without my photographer... he was my first ♥ !


Jessie said...

This is lovely Kathy and I saw that on FB too! I really want to join in, it loks like fun!xx

roberto said...

gracias Kathy!
Hermoso tu dibujo!!!!!
(me gusta Sigur ros)