May 25, 2011

Etsy Lab in Brussels

Tuesdayevening went to my first Etsy-lab. Under the shelf of Turtlewings.
Etsy NL organised a very nice evening about Art Journaling with Anna Denise. Even while searching a place for my car before arriving to the event I passed the window and it attracted me like a kid to a very big ice-cream. Inside I felt some kind of flowing energy full of creativity and peacefull creating, love and dreams. Even under the table! I shared my little table with Cheryl and Niki from England. I was only in Brussels and could feel the whole world underneath my feet! Good to leave in time Flanders and happy to have still this capital!
oooh this was a perfect evening! More to come I hope!
Thanks Cheryl and Niki for the nice time creating together!


Cheryl said...

Kathy, that was a great post! I had a great time and it was so inspiring to meet you and see your talent at work! I hope there are more too - but we don't necessarily need Etsy to do this kind of thing... :-)
hope to see you soon x

Kathy De Wit said...

Ofcourse! Etsy needs us! No really, now I know you're in Brussels we can meet whenever! Linked your blog on your name too, sorry I forgot that ;) Hear you very soon! xxx

sandybau said...

Que divertido! Voy a chekear si hay algun Etsy Lab aqui en Denver! Besos