June 27, 2011

At his best

Some shots from my week! A garden at his best, apple-evelopes at his best for the kids from the academy to wish them a really deserved vacation, a performer (Juan Luis Guerra) at his best on a Belgium stage after ages (also Calle 13 was heavy to see them performing Live! so happy we were part of the public!) and a little Moleskine that will be part of The Sketchbook Project 2010 World Tour...I have to fill it up with drawings so that it can become part of the Brooklyn Art Library where it will be exhibited to the public...at his best!
New week, new adventures and so many things to happen! ENJOY!


Jessie said...

Hi Kathy, it's all so exciting! Well done with your exhibition, your doll and her moon are amazing! Your sketchbook project looks great, I hope we get to peek into your little moleskine some time. :)xx

rossichka said...

How nice to have such a full week! I wish you many more of the kind in future, Kathy! I'm sure your Moleskine will gather many nice drawings, sketches and ideas and hope to see some of them!:0)

Fotografie Ilse said...

Wat een leuk weekoverzichtje! En ook beestjes op bezoek gekregen zie ik; mooi!