June 21, 2011

Weekend-exhibition | Drongen

Last weekend my work was exposed in a very nice old building that once was the 'colorfactory' of the village named Drongen, near Gent. I was invited by Stefanie De Graef , a briljant illustrator and the grandchild of the man who started this factory long time ago. Fascinating place to show my work, upon the old bricks! Together with 4 other artists/photographers/painters, we had a lovely weekend and received lots of enthousiastic comments on our work! This was the second time I placed my work in front of a public and it tastes so good! Valentina ofcourse was there too and soon I want to start with a man or cat to join her :)
Looking forward to more exhibition with more (new) work !


Dinara Mirtalipova said...

Congrads, Kathy, it looks amazing!

rossichka said...

It must have been a great experience, full of fears and JOY! Congratulations! I'm glad for you! Valentina looks lonely, yes! Maybe she reslly needs a company for the future exhibitions, when you'll be too busy to pay her the habitual attention!:-)
P.S. Did you read my last comment to your other blog?:)

McKenna Kiefer and Karen Kiefer said...

The misfits love you--

Škorčica said...


At such occasions I'm especially unhappy not to live somewhere close so I could visit the opening.

The ambient look great, a cello is my favourite instrument(!) and Valentina is so dreamy (she needs company, I agree!), so it must have been really wonderful alltogether.

Anyway, I'm happy that I can see some photos at least.

Lep pozdrav! :)