June 6, 2011

Some minutes

Every evening the sun enters the living room...straight upon our blue wall she lays herself down on the Peruvian embroidered carpet and brings me some incredible intimate light-show :)
Love those minutes!


Škorčica said...

I know what you mean, Kathy, I love those minutes, too! :)

A few minutes, "the same" every day, but you can never get bored of them, they can even make your day perfect! :)

Beautiful design and colours on that Peruvian carpet!

Kathy De Wit said...

Hvala Maja!
So happy to hear you!!!
Enjoy Slovenia, this is the way I can enjoy still of Belgium...little things but so important.

roberto said...

¿Viste Kathy? a veces ocurren estas cosas bellas que nos devuelven aquella magia, o aquel misterio que sentían por el sol las antiguas civilizaciones, igual que por la luna.
Sol y luna dos maravillas que a veces olvidamos.
Buen fin de semana!!!!!

rossichka said...

I'm sure it's magical! And the carpet is beautiful! I have some similar moments of calm with the moving shadows from the last sun rays in the hall and in the kitcehn!:)