August 19, 2011

R.I.P. Summer

A hard day to awake after the tragedy that happened yesterday on a music festival here in Belgium, named Pukkelpop. I wasn't there but I couldn't get the images out of my head all day long and the saddest thing must be that 5 people lost their lives. All caused by an incredible strong storm that changed the happy crowd into yelling folks trying to survive. There aren't more words needed. My thoughts are with the family and friends from all the people who never will open their eyes again to see a calm sunset or the colors from Gerbera-flowers. Now I want to close my eyes and relax. What should be the last summerfestival for three days ended after one afternoon. This wasn't a summer at all. It's a big tragedy.


Anonymous said...

Love goes to you and the ones who suffered and are suffering!

Jessie said...

It's shocking and very upsetting. xx

rossichka said...

One never expects the bad things... I'm very sorry about the victims! What a bad conjunction of circumstances!:(