August 22, 2011


(mixed newspaper with Kurkuma = green color)
This week I will give like 6 workshops and even one of them in the street where I live. It's the second year I will invite the kids and also the adults into a little workshop held on the street itself. That day no cars or trucks can pass through it, the street is free of all trafic and the kids are the kings for one day. In the afternoon we have a Barbecue and the party goes on !
Tomorrow I will start my week of workshops in the Plantin-Moretus museum, once the biggest printing facility of Europe. I will bring some pics online so that you can join us in a virtual way ;) and bringing in comments or thoughts. Hear you! :)


el perro de las lágrimas said...

Hola Kathy, qué buena idea la de utilizar la calle para trabajar con los chicos!!!
¿Tienes un permiso especial?
Espero ansioso los pics online!! Buena semana!!!!:)

rossichka said...

Oh, if we could be there, we would join - this is a thing just for my husband and me!!:0) By the way, tomorrow we have a "business meeting" in the Mall where we hold our weekly workshops for children and adults. We are going to make the schedule till the end of 2011.
Good luck and have fun!!!xx

Kathy De Wit said...

@Perro de las lagrimas (Roberto? :), cerramos la calle para un dia, en la tarde parillada y fiesta con musica, yo aprovecho de esa oportunidad ;) Gracias!
@Rossichka : wooow exciting. If we could meet one day! You are always so enthousiastic! And the Mall? Is that in Bukarest or London? :) xxx

rossichka said...

Not, of course! It's not even in our capital - Sofia.:) Just one of the town's Malls and my town is Rousse - the Northern boundary with Roumania, very close to Bucharest!:)

rossichka said...,_Bulgaria - Some information and photos when you have time to see... :))