September 19, 2011

Dalíbook part 2

 This little book makes me crazy in a very good way! I finished my idea of a sticking cat on the last page of the book with outcoming legs :) I will always love puppets of this kind! And so happy I could realize my idea like I saw it in my imagination. The cat is brought on paper with ink and then printed on magnetic paper. And the way to close the Dalíbook is a very loooooong mustache! Hope Dalí will like it :)


Ignatz said...

Kathy, solamente puedo decirte que tú eres una gran, gran, Gran Artista!!!!
esto me encantó!!!!!
Buena semana

Ignatz said...

Creo que ya te había dicho buena semana, pero, bueno, un buen deseo no está de más decirlo varias veces:)