September 4, 2011

Suitcase Night

I had a full loaded weekend, I saw my house rarely until now, sundayevening, rainig outside and we together HOME! I teached again after 2 months, we started the new year and I have a bunch of little artists on saturday, curious to know what they will create this year and me too!;) After spending the whole sunday in the museum I'm very glad to find my Dalí home again. I left him outside on friday morning and he stayed away until today.
Especially because he choosed to come home again I gave him this wonderful old suitcase with a patchwork in it that someone gave me when I was a teenager ;) I always loved it...and now even more, if I see how Dalí enjoys his new little place on earth!  Such an angel with a big moustache!!!

1 comment:

rossichka said...

It seems to be so comfortable this new bed! Dali is a big adventurer, but he knows where his heart belongs to!... I like that you call him "an angel with a big moustache"!:0)