September 1, 2011

Olimpia & Dounia

Remember Olimpia, the cat of my friend Laura in Madrid. Laura wanted her four cats portraited by me as a gift on her wedding for all her family and friends. One year later Dounia, one of the girls from the fotoshoot I did tuesday, see picture down, dreamed of a pillow with the drawing of Olimpia. I designed one for my Envelop-shop, especially for her and everyone who loves this drawing, and so to thank me for all that she made this drawing inspired on my work. I truly LOVE this so much. It's so touching! Her mom started immediately to make a whole lay-out for tea-bags and cookies with her design. See her blogpost about it for more details HERE.
Such a funny and special gift!!! I went crazy for it and I stay crazy I guess! :)
Dounia, ik wil je nog een keer extra bedanken voor deze supertekening!
Je maakt me zo gelukkig en ik smelt als een koekje met veel chocolade bij het zien ervan.
Tot een volgende keer, dan tekenen we samen ;) Liefs Kathy


Laura said...


Eres genial!!

el perro de las lágrimas said...

Buenísimo, Kathy, te felicito, ¡Es La Olimpia de Manet pero Olimpia-Gata! juro que no me había dado cuenta,(deben ser los años) ¿Son saquitos de té?

Anonymous said...

dag katy, ik wil graag met jou samen tekenen en ik wil zo graag mjin kusen van het prnsesekatje!!!! knufel dounia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Aria said...

really nice work :3