September 16, 2011

The pleasure of paper and books!

 School began again and besides being a teacher of Arts I love it to go on with studies and learn more and more about the things I love to do. Finally I started  this branch of 'making books'. I learned it once in one hour, very quickly and I had to do it with that base of knowledge. Happy I'm into the class of Katja Clement (NL) and so curious what we will learn this year. My first exercise / A leporello book, a little book by folding.
Made my little's not finished yet...want to make a little Dalí puppet for will see...want to finish it very soon! ;)
ooooh...and just on the radio...this song is a perfect beginning of this day!
Bon Iver and Holoscene

1 comment:

Ignatz said...

Hola Kathy, gracias!!!!
por las imágenes y la canción a mi tambien me gusta la música indi, recuerdas que te hablé de Chad Vangaalen? me hizo recordar la voz.
muy buena. y tu libro espectacular!
buen fin de semana y comienzo de clases!!!