October 20, 2011

The mushroom people

 I knew I had to go back after our visit last sunday without  our camera. I've heard the mushroom people calling this morning...so I took my camera and a big green blanket to lay on for nice shots of the little ones. Time flew away while I was shooting, playing with the ponys and enjoying beiing with all these special creatures! I can't help...I'm in love with this forest and everyone who lives there!
It's so close and meanwhile so far away from daily life. I can forget a little while bills, telephones, e-mails, and all those things that occupy so many time. In the forest doesn't exist our time, it's another way of life.
Hope you will enjoy my pictures and go searching the mushroom people by yourself, they're worth it!


Škorčica said...

I'm, too, a big fan of forest, its smell and peace.
Luckily my country is one of the most forested in EU - third I think.
In some parts it is so unspoiled (it's called virgin forest) that there are even some wild animals like bear and so. But not in the area where I live. :)

Ha, those ponies were quite naughty, as I can see in this beautiful beautiful photos! :)

Kathy De Wit said...

I know Maja, here in Belgium aren't any virgin forests anymore...I have to be glad with these little jewels and of course Slovenia is a green heart! One day, I promised you, we will walk there together!
Thank you so much for the support and that pony is a bastard :) Another one almost ranned away with my camerabag :) But can't help it, love them too! :)

rossichka said...

Dear Kathy (and Maja!), I love mountains very much and mountains mean... forests!:) We have some wonderful here, in Bulgaria! Maybe one day, you'll come both and we'll have a walk in the Rhodopes magical forests or in the Balkan deep ones, full of wild fruit trees (and bears, too)... (Before I get too old to climb!):0)
Lovely photos for a nice mood in my busy, busy day that is going to end after midnight! Thank you!
By the way I liked VERY much the photo series of your friends' family you posted long ago. Untraditional, revealing their characters, some like moments from a stage play!:)))))

Škorčica said...

Ok, we'll walk here some day, I really hope so, but of course not in the bear-area! :)

I walked with your beautiful Plumita bag on island Krk in Croatia few weeks ago and look what I picked up:

O, now I see also Rossichka commenting, so yes, I suggest we all go together on a three-countries-forest-trip! :) Oh, I wish!

Lep pozdrav to both of you!

I still can't stop laughing at those crazy funny ponies - really cute! :)

rossichka said...

Thank you, Maja! There's nothing better than a dream...:)
Kathy, excuse-me for taking part in your conversation - it happened so that I was at that moment in your blog, too...

Roberto said...

Sí que vale la pena, hay que proponerse salir, nada más.
hermosas fotografías, realmente tu vives en un paraíso.
buen fin de semana!!!!

Fotografie Ilse said...

Super sfeervolle, magische en sprookjesachtige foto's, waaw! Onze hongerige vrienden liepen weer in dat bos rond? De kleine vampiertjes of bloedzuigertjes ook nog? X

Evan said...

what an absolutely stunning series of images!!!! each one absolutely beautiful on its own but together....wow!

sandybau said...

Bellisimas fotos! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥