October 19, 2011

This day

1/ I woked up with a very strong light in my bedroom. The sky was deepgray on one side and the sun was burning the other side. Somewhere over the rainbow...that was my place this morning. 2/ The postmen ringed once and there he was with a little gift for my sister-in-law...hope she will love this creation made by Fleurfatale. The way of packaging made me feel so happy and let's not forget the jewels inside. Visit Greet's shop FLEURFATALE...and discover a sweet world of beauties. 3/ A shot of productivity in my class this afternoon, working with soapstone...and they loved it! More photos on my other blog / EL DIBUJO DEL NIÑO 4/ A rare photo of myself with my students, thanks to my collegue Ellen who  took this picture :)

And now back home, time for tea and a soaked biscuit :) Hooooooooray!

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