November 28, 2011

Sketchbook Project 2012 - Working on cover

Started in my sketchbook from The Sketchbook Project. A huge Sketchbook-project organised by Art-house Co-op. Earlier this year I ordered my little book and choosed the theme Travel with me. My concept is to take it almost every day with me in the train to Antwerp and draw 'something'. I'm a dreamer. And so everything can come true in this book, every journey I want to make. I can draw wathever I want and most of all I will not think to hard while drawing. Just be inspired by the moment, the people on the train, the things I hear and see, and the limited time of 16 minutes ;) I'm very curious what it will be in the end. I have to send back the book to the Brooklyn Library before the end of January 2012.
So, let's make something of the darkest time of the year and I'll bring it all together in this little treasure.
April 2012 will be the start of a big worldtour will start with all the received sketchbooks.
'It's like a Concert tour but with Sketchbooks!' 

1 comment:

roberto said...

Kathy, tengo una libretita de apuntes igual, igual a esta que me envió de regalo, mi amiga del blog Graciela Bello, con una reproducción de un cuadro suyo en la tapa. y te aseguro que es muy util. la llevo conmigo a todas partes y tomo apuntes de la gente, en salas de espera, o en un bar,en un bus, tiene el tamaño justo porque entra en el bolsillo de mi campera (tal vez se dice chaquetilla, no sé)
bien espero que hagas unos bellos dibujos.
buena semana!!!!