January 22, 2012

The giant letterbook : FINISHED!

 Remember some months ago? When I started cutting linoleum for this project
Almost 30 lino-plates later the book is ready!!! I will didn't count my tears while binding this book.
Recently I'm following a course about bookbinding and all the related things, but binding a book of this size (A3) isn't even a command in the first year of the course. So I illustrated the text of Barbara Vanden Eynde and finished the prints as one enormous book. The book will be used in a guided tour for toddlers and it has even the size of a toddler. Hope they will love it!!!
Funny detail : 3 more books like this to finish :) Wish me luck!


roberto M. said...

qué paciencia tienes!!!
yo no podría estar tanto tiempo haciendo algo!!!
Ancioso es el adjetivo que mejor me va JA JA!!!!
Buen fin de semana para los tres!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mirna Photography said...

Heel knap werk Kathy, en zijt maar zeker dat ze 't een super leuk boek gaan vinden!

Amanda Y said...

The book looks excellent- congrats!