January 27, 2012

Thinking, dreaming, drawing...living

oooohhh...here I am. After some very busy weeks and finishing projects. Busy times aren't over yet but there is a little bit more air to breath more easily...and not to many thrilling deadline moments. One is waiting for next friday...the opening of anoter exhibition of my work meanwhile my new products are selling very well in the Lolly Pop-up store in Antwerp (more about that in the following days). 
The brooches are LOVED and I'm receiving so nice support from many people. That keeps me growing and going in what means LIFE for me! Creating every day something that touches me and hopefully so many other souls.
I want to wish all of my readers a sunny weekend with nice things to happen! Hear you!

1 comment:

roberto A,. said...

Hola Kathy, qué sueerte que tus broches se venden, yo sabía que así sería, pues todo lo que tú haces es lindísimo!!
como estos dibujos que muestras aquí.
buen fin de semana para ustedes también!!!!!!!!!!