January 5, 2013

13 months in 2013?

My calendar 2012 is definitively finished...the last page is used...2013 pulled him away and we are already 5 days ago.  5 days of thinking what I want to reach, dream or do in this new year, on this new page.
Never love white pages, but the beginning of a new year feels like that and it fascinates me. It feels like doiing it all over, but better then before, like receiving a new life...what went wrong last year will not pass anymore on your way, and so on. Also it  looks like we have soooo much time to do anything we still dream of, 12 months, looks like a lifetime!
 Funny, let's see what this year will bring, don't like to plan to much and want to get out the maximum of every day!
Watch my board on Pinterest / Inspirational words and you'll know what I mean!

Enjoy the great atmosphere that my friend ILSE can catch with her camera
and see more images on her BLOG

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