January 6, 2013

La famille Victor

In september I started to draw for a very new project. 
It's all about one family, the family Victor or La famille Victor. 
All the stories about them are coming together in little books and every story is conected to a sewing pattern. So you could call it a sewing-soap :)
I was asked by the family to be their illustrator and of course I hadn't to think twice about this question ;)
There is the family and of course WE who bring them all to life!
 Isabelle Finet ( creator of the family), Katrien Annys (graphic designer and creative owner of Jacques Books) and I.
Half january the website will be launched and after that the books will be start to travel to the shops all over!
We are ready to release our treasures!
You are very welcome to follow our last steps to the final release on our Facebook page / LA FAMILLE VICTOR.

Cross your fingers!
We are ready to jump!

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