January 10, 2013

365 project # Month 1 / A CAT A DAY

Hum! My first 365-blogpost. Here he is..2 drawings of my hero! There is one little problem. Because the nights aren't that cold this little hero leaves every night until the morning, enters at 6 o'clock and disappears for the whole day in a box in our basement. He loves that life for now...
Winter must come finally so that I can have at least 21 drawings of this little sweet monster.
Any suggestions for next month are welcome.
Please no living and stubborn objects  ;)

1 comment:

rossichka said...

It's nice to have the model around you... It will be probably a series of a sleeping cat!:) For the next month I suggest "a cup of hot coffee or tea" (if you use to change the cups)... Or if you draw someone else's cups