January 31, 2013

Welcome La famille Victor

We can come out with our treasure.

La famille Victor started selling and is still launching.
The little books are ready to order in the first shops : De stoffenkamer, Bambiblauw and Stoffenidee 
Our Facebook-page is growing and booming, feel welcome to follow our steps together with that special family. We are so proud to present them all to you.
The website will be launched very soon and the first sewing fans started their project!
Let's inspire each one of us!

All the books that we start selling now are in Dutch, the version in english, french and german will come up later! So if you want to wait for that version I suggest that you can make us already very happy with a VOTE!

How to vote?

La famille Victor is still in competition with 9 other finalists in the Boost Belgium contest of Belfius. 
We are now 6th. So please, with all your votes, a vote a day!, you can really help us to may'be a4th place or 3rd or even higher? :) 
MAKE A ClICK on the button STEMMEN (voting) and connect with your Facebook or LinkedIN-account
and so you gave us your vote for today. Still 17 days to go. 

Thank you so!
Isabelle Finet, Katrien Annys and myself!

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