March 3, 2013

A little show with new things

Once again I participated in a little show, close to the village where we live...
I brought my new things, the notebooks and rand new gato-brooches with me, prints, buttons, magnets and postcards. Enough to show some beauty. Of course La famille Victor went with me to the little fair
and they enchanted every visitor with their stunning looks.
It was a very nice sunday and I guess I have to go on with my drawings after all those nice comments of the visitors today...they want MORE :)
Dank je Martine en Lennie voor de organisatie en het enthousiasme op Mix&Match!

1 comment:

rbrt said...

me gusta la idea de mostrar esto con fotos en blanco y negro (o sepia)
vi alguna ilustración que yo creo tener en mi viejito calendario made by Kathy de Wit, no? :))))