September 17, 2013

Home is...

Since some weeks she is trying to hold all those memories, to keep them very close, to feel them every moment of the day. She is craving to everything that is far away at this moment. She wanted that she brought with her a little piece of Andes to keep and to care. It would be her treasure with all the memories in it. Not just cold granite.
'Home is where the mountain is' she whispered and she felt home.

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roberto said...

Qué lindo dibujo y qué lindas palabras Kathy, te cuento que cuando nosotros comenzamos a venir a Córdoba como turistas, hace 20 años, (eramos de Buenos Aires) y compramos nuestro pedacito de tierra aquí, yo me llevé una pequeña piedra que tenía siempre cerca de mi tablero de dibujo, y cuando nos vinimos a vivir hace 9 años la traje de nuevo y la dejé en su lugar.
buena semana para tí!!