December 3, 2009

My Piano

Today I was reading a magazine about movies and television...and since many years I didn't watched anymore 'The Piano' written by Jane Campion. In that magazine they were telling about her new movie that will be out soon...and I had to think back how much I loved this movie, yes I'm just such a dreamer and romantic soul, uuuups. The story is one thing, the music another thing but the dresses are 'everything'! How I would love it to wear one like that...and so I drawed this one :) ...'my Piano'!

1 comment:

Marijke De Wagter said...

Sta me toe even "amen" te zeggen! Ik wacht nog steeds op het tijdperk dat zulke jurken en korsetten 'retro' worden, om nog maar te zwijgen van die strakke hoeden!

Prachtige film, om lekker bij weg te dromen! x