December 4, 2009

HE is in town! / EL ha llegado!

HE : The holy men who brings his annual visit to all the childrens in town. Nope, it's not Santa! We call him 'Sinterklaas'. That's a bigger tradition in these regions then Santa. In the night from 5 to 6 december he will walk on top of the city and villages, on his white hourse and his helping friend 'Zwarte Piet', an afro-type who will put the bad childs into his bag and take them with him to Spain where they come from. A typical tradition in Belgium and The Netherlands...and we are ready for it...although we aren't 6 years old anymore. Don't forget your shoe, some sugar for the horse, a carrot and your most beautiful letter with all your wishes for this year! Good luck and sweet dreams, ...♥

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