October 3, 2011

Sunday in history

 A sunday like we didn't had in ages. From one second to another we decided around noon to leave our home and travel to the east of the country. Once, in another life I visited the Gallo-Roman museum in Tongeren, the oldest ciry of Belgium and one called Atuatuca Tungrorum by the Romans who made a real city of it and battled overhere with the Eburones, a tribe in that region. But after so many years the museum got a huge facelift and also my husband never visited this magic place where it all began for Belgium. We enjoyed the history while the Indian Summer made from this day such a gift! In Hasselt we discovered a very new coffee pub, called Mucho Gusto, and really, who is in town, don't forget to pass by and enjoy of the arts of Roel, the owner of this magic place!

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