March 31, 2009

Improvisation bird

For my incredible motivated and funny students I have this year! They all have to grew still a lot...:) but they can only climb higher and higher in what they love to do! Will miss you all soon!
Jaaaa, ik zal jullie allemaal missen binnenkort!

March 29, 2009


While struggling with the word for Illustration Friday of this week : Poise, I cleaned up my 'arty' room full of paper, drawings, books and more treasures. This is one of them...happy to find him again after almost two years. I made this drawing in the Colca Canyon in Peru in october 2007 while watching these incredible animals, the condors, flying on the highest winds of the Andes.
And while scanning this drawing I imagined that this is it! This is just POISE I guess...
being in equilibrium or balanced motionless, it was just a poisy moment that morning!

March 28, 2009

Will this planet survive the humans?

Many cities in the world sweeped off their lights, many peoples embraced the earth for a while and lived an hour without artificial light. But my own village didn't do anything and it makes me feel very ashamed...

Muchas ciudades en el mundo han apagado la luz, mucha gente han abrazado un rato esta tierra y han vivido una hora sin luz. Pero el pueblo mio no hecho nada y eso me hace sentir muy avergonzada... Esta planeta va a sobrevivir el humano?

March 26, 2009

Belgian spring / Primavera de Belgica

Spring...what does that mean in fact if you live in one of the smallest countries in the world with the most horrible climat in the world.

March 25, 2009

The days

For everyone who is following this growing piece of love (for the art of drawing... )
The hardest part of the week is gone and you surely noticed that in my drawings. Into the absence of some days. In these cases I come home very late, very tired and empty that I cannot put my hand on a piece of paper to draw 'my piece of a day'. Teaching art all day long in all kind of materials, from pencils to computers, from etching plates to canvas, to all different ages is also a very physical and mental occupation. I really like my work but exploring my own mind is one of my passions also. So to all of you who are sooo enthousiastic about my art, thank you thousand times and more, that makes this world so small and my heart so warm!
Good to know that there are so many more artfull minds!
See you here soon again or wherever on this planet!
You know what?...Me, a cappucino and a strong wind outside......time to DRAW!
x Kathy

March 24, 2009


Travelling homewards from Antwerp around 11 pm and hearing his voice...enough to make a quick doodle in the train to end my day
Regresando a la casa desde Amberres a las 11 en la noche y escuchar su voz...bastante inspiration para hacer un dibujito al final de mi dia

March 22, 2009


For every newborn babychild the city puts a tree, so my little niece Liese has now her own Oak
Para cada recien nacido la ciudad pone un árbol. Y ahora mi sobrinita Liese tiene su propio Roble.

March 13, 2009

Legendary !

Legendary...are for me these drawings. I made them in my last year of academy for my imaginary book Finn...about the legendary Finn Mac Cool of Ireland...these drawings are never officially published, so this is like a special happening, also for drawing from Finn for Illustration Friday. As it is my wish, I hope that Finn can become one day a 'real' book!

March 12, 2009

Etching 3

A Photoshop-styled version, I like the mood in it, but it could be much better, this is a fast one!

March 11, 2009

Etching 2

This is the first original print on very simple paper with waterbased ink.

March 9, 2009

Etching 1

While I can give some workshops in a museum in Antwerp I can enjoy again the smell of printing.  Like how I was used to do in the Academy...I still love it.
Drawing in zinc, playing with ink ...all to make that one print!

March 7, 2009

Intricate / Ingewikkeld / Complicado

Finding the best destination...that can be very intricate by times if you want to meet the whole world!

March 5, 2009


This drawing is like 10 years old. If I found this drawing between my old sketchbooks I had to remember that 'breezy' day on the coast of Bretagne (France). I can smell the air still if I see the colors, I can hear those birds yelling to the very little people on the tower... Time now to show the world this hidden drawing .

March 1, 2009

Flying months and dreams / Sueños y meses volando

After some days of vacation...driving through unknown landscapes full of special pre-spring colours, I could feel the nature's force that want to start a new life...from now on!
March! Time to inhale and restart! Like some 500 Cranes! that flew over our heads in search for a new summerhouse...