October 31, 2009

Moonhouse / Casa de la luna

Before yesterday, when I came home from working...saw a cloud like this above our little house, embracing the moon...very nice feeling it gave me!

Anteayer cuando llegaba a mi casa, una nube estaba abrazando a la luna...era un momento múy especial.

October 30, 2009

Drawing into new light

Just bought new lights for our living room and I wanted to draw my 'moonhouse' (above) on this table. The coloured textile beneath the plants I brought with me from Cajamarca (Peru) and I am so in love with it...Dreaming to draw one day in that beautiful city on 'my' own table in our 'own' house...the moonhouse :)

October 27, 2009

Goodbye / Adios

Another friend I didn't saw for long time returned for two months from Australia to visit her family. We found each other again and today she will return to her home on the other side of the world. With this drawing I want to thank her for those short evenings we spend together and I want to wish her a save journey back! Never again we will loose the contact! Thanks friend!

October 26, 2009

A drawing in 3D / Un dibujo en 3D

Thanks to my lovely husband...to create this short movie. He has is own talents and I am so happy we can combinate them. I am so gratefull to him, for everything he is to me. The lost of my friend is a huge lesson for life!

Gracias a mi querido esposo que ha creado esta peli. El tiene sus talentos propios y estoy tan feliz que podamos compartirlos. Le agradesco mucho, para todo lo que el significa para mi. La despedida de mi amiga es una leccion grande para la vida!

October 21, 2009

Rest my friend / Descansa mi amiga

Last night an old schoolfriend of me passed away after her battle with cancer. We dreamed together of the future many years ago, went our way in this life and just on the moment when we made contact again after so many time her body couldn't resist the struggle anymore.
She will shine for her little son and family from high above...take care my friend, we will miss you!

Ayer una amiga de la primaria ha dejado la vida despues de su batailla contra el cancer. Hace años soñabamos con el futuro, hemos eligido nuestro camino en esta vida y justo en el momento de encontrarnos por el camino digital su cuerpo ha decidido que no podria luchar mas contra esta fuerza. Ella va a brillar para su hijito y su familia desde muy alto...cuidate mucho mi amiga, te vamos a extrañar!

A cup of... / Una tasa de...

Saw this marvellous set in a shop. They are so small, meaned as toys for a child but made from real porcelain...incredible, have to buy them immediatly for a special girl!

He visto en una tienda estas cositas. Son bien chiquititos pero hecho de porcelana. Es como jueguete para niños! Tengo que ir a comprarlos para una niña especial!

October 20, 2009

Bananas in wintertime / Platanos en el invierno

If I want bananas one day of my little banana-tree then I have to protect him for the coming cold nights. The night before the first ice flew into the garden...banana-tree is ready to survive now!!!

Si quiero comer un dia platanos de mi arbol, entonces tengo que proteger fuerte la planta del frio. La noche pasado teniamos hielo en el jardin! Ahora mi platano esta listo para sobrevivir!!!

October 19, 2009

Frozen / Congelado

The moon and the tree, closer together the night doesn't feel that frozen!

La luna y el arbol, más cerca ambos la noche no parece tan congelada!

October 13, 2009

El dibujo del Niño

click on the pic
A new banner for my other blog where I post twice a week pictures of my classes in the academy of art in Antwerp. Hope the kids and the parents will like him...

Un nuevo banner para mi otro blog en donde publico dos veces a la semana fotos de las classes en la academia de Arte en Amberes. Espero que le guste a los niños y a sus padres...

October 12, 2009

The misfortunates

A brand new Flemish movie that won today 5 prizes in New York. I saw him last saturday and this image is inspired on a moment in the movie...go and see The misfortunates or in the original flemish title ' De helaasheid der dingen'...based on the book by Dimitri Verhulst.

Una nueva pelicula Flamenca que ganó hoy dia 5 premios en Nueva York. El sabado le hemos visto en el cine y este dibujo esta inspirado por la peli.
, Te recomiendo que la veas y asi conocerás un poco el Flandes típico. el link a la pagina en ingles lo encuentras arriba. La pelicula está inspirada por un libro del escritor Flamenco Dimitri Verhulst.

October 7, 2009

Shaun Tan : The arrival / La llegada

One page out of The arrival / 'De aankomst' in Flemish-language

One week ago we bought this marvellous book. As my husband himself immigrated also, this book suits him perfectly. It's a story about immigration and all kind of feelings that come with it...but all these things dropped in a surrealistic salsa...very very special!
A must for drawing-souls.
To know more about the artist Shaun Tan, go to his site and enjoy!

October 6, 2009

Impossibility arrived!

My very close Serbian blog-friend Snezana Kragulj send me a drawing of her al the way from Italy!
It's part of an exchange between me and her...I let her choose a drawing of me she liked and otherwise. I'm so happy with the very nice print and I will give him a unique place in my little house! Thank you sooo much my dear Snezana!

For anybody who wants to know more of her work, click the image and take part on her giveaway to celebrate the opening of the Etsy Shop of Snezana. Only some days are resting to participate! Choose your favourite drawing, post a comment on Katy and the cat.... and may'be you will get a signed drawing out from her Etsy shop!
Good Luck!

October 5, 2009

Flying / Volar

Days are getting darker, leaves are flying and also these seeds of the Sycamore Maple-tree...they inspired me to draw this little girl that will iluminate our dark evenings.

October 2, 2009

Gelatina favorita!

Brought with me from Peru, my favourit jelly! Mix the rose-coloured powder with some boiling water and a cup of cold water...put them in nice bowles and let them rest in the fridge...ready to enjoy and let dancing the red jelly on the spoon!

Materials : Watercolour and pencils

October 1, 2009

Pain / Dolor

I hope I can sleep well this night...this awfull pain coloured my day black.

Espero que voy a dormir bien esta noche...este dolor ha coloreado mi dia...negro!
Materials: Watercolour and pencil