March 31, 2010

The making of a 'gato'-drawing: #2

It resulted in a very personal drawing. The girl was painted with watercolours as usual, love it to use the shades, as a fact I always loved watercolours since I was a little girl! The clouds were cutted out of some pattern paper and I gave them a red shadow with that pencil that gives always colour to the cheeks of my personalities. Into the clouds you can find that special date of my first arrive in Perú, and the name of my 'gato' ;). The third cloud, tells the whole story ! I cannot without him and I cannot think of losing him...that's the story of my little ring that I lost almost.
And this is the place where all my drawings are finishing...on a new post in this blog...that gives me so muuuch energy, creativity and power to go for it...all thanks to your comments and patience to give this blog a view, a life! Thanks to all of you! ♥ Kathy

March 30, 2010

The making of a 'gato'-drawing : #1

Thought it should be nice to share with all my friends and fans how I give birth to my drawings! After my sketch...-mostly immediatly on heavy watercolour paper - I paint all the lines with black ink and a little brush n°000. (I only can use it like one month and then the little hairs lost their best I have a little collection of them alright now:) This is the first step for me. Tomorrow ...the colours and the finishing touch. Hope you will watch this birth!:)
The drawing itself is all about me...I believed I lost my lovely ring with the name of my husband and our special date in it...I was behaving two days like a little girl, could cry and scream...and on the third day I discovered my little ring in my things happens all the time with me ;)

March 29, 2010


After too busy weeks, finally time to be home and work...hard :)

March 26, 2010

Come live the life!

After hearing a new song of a Belgian band named K's Choice I really wanted to know who made the clip for their song 'Come live the life'. After some research I found the video on Vimeo and it seems made by French artists. The band just bought the video for the song...not what I was thinking, anyway, still like the song and the video has a great message!

March 24, 2010

Hidden love

On the first warm day of the year...she was resting, hidden from the world and daydreaming when she heard some steps coming closer, very softly, she recognized those steps, that smell. She had waited for him since months...time arrived to share the life together and create some new life ;) (two cats in the garden of the neighbours brought me to this idea ;)

March 23, 2010

Jewels of inspiration

My brand new earrings, hooooray!!! Designed by Adolie Day, a very briljant illustrator from France. I love them since ages and I thought it was the right time to buy them finally! Perfect to start spring! All these lovely items you can buy on La Marelle éditions. Only I hope the quality of the earrings is much better then the buttons are. My button I bought (design from Benjamin Lacombe) some months ago has a very poor backside, no quality at all...that's the sad side of the story.

March 22, 2010


So different result, using my watercolours on gesso, I love it to see what happens while doiing it. The colours are resulting different too!...have to do more with it I guess!

March 21, 2010


I found these two feathers of a Guinea Fowl ('Parelhoen' in Dutch) and it brought me to this drawing of a bird that's collecting little things to build a warm nest for future baby-birds. Now it must be official, it's spring! Every morning the road is full of birds. They're like talking to each other in groups of three or four...and doensn't care about upcoming 'monster'-cars. A lot of work to do for the animal-planet these days! Let's save them and drive carefully!!!

March 19, 2010


Days are floating on an imaginary rythm...I'm overhere, far behind, wait for me! To take off all stressy luggage they invented Salsa I guess. Anyway, some latin music on a very nice location just over the border, awesome...though Dutchmens really believe 'they' invented Salsa I guess ;)

March 18, 2010

Irish blood

For all the Irish people over the world this little drawing cause I believe there flows a sparkle of Irish blood in me! Where it came from is still a mystery but I'm proud to have my sparkle of Peruvian blood also. Guess I'm a mixture of many blood :), a child of this planet!!!

March 17, 2010

True colours

Still fascinated about the colours nature gave the animals...must be magic. Why humans are sooo pale? Although many of them... If I come back in another life...after this one, It will colour!

March 16, 2010

Guiding time!

Again! (See other post about this theme here) Time to guide for RASA vzw and see above the lovely location where I can do this for almost two weeks long like three times a day. Inside it isn't that original anymore but on the first floor there is a wonderful room to give space to art objects and more. Just perfect. I'm happy to receive the kids in this part of the country and to show them a new world of


March 15, 2010


Very quicky doodle, to quicky, but I have a very good reason for that...tooooo busy with some projects ;)

March 12, 2010

Snow Monkey

Last evening I was watching a documentary about all kinds of monkeys. On one particular moment while I was drawing something else the voice was telling me of the Snow Monkeys or Japanese Macaques. I couldn't draw anymore for some minutes...and my television was asking me to watch this scenery. I never saw this before. The monkeys are sitting in a thermal spring with fog everywhere because of the difference in temperature between the water and the air, a difference of 60°c....!!! Only the monkeys who are placed on a good social level in the group can enter the water, others can freeze sometimes till dead. Not only that fact, but the way the lucky ones are enjoying the warm water is just an unforgettable image...I was sooo touched...and tried to make some touching image inspired on this incredible animal.

Watch this video and you will be touched as well!

March 10, 2010


Since more then a week I arrived in a kind of 'background'-mood. I want to explore more with acrylics underneath looks very attractive and there are millions of options...
What do you think of the backgrounds I'm trying? This one I've made with's me, exploring an unknown little city in the 'far-west' of Belgium :)

March 9, 2010

'Penka'- time

Called 'Penka' in the Peruvian Andes we know them better as a variety of Aloe Vera. I love this plants, they're so usefull and above alle very beautiful. Can be seen as a little bit agressive but that's kind of a protection system against the dry days and grounds where it grows. Penka-time, me-time, thinking, reflecting, dreaming ;)

March 7, 2010

A helping hand of Keri Smith

Go and explore the books of Keri Smith. On the website you can find some survival kit for the
hard times in an artist life :) It's such a bless and for sure I will print out this kit and use it.
Above some reasons why I failed posting the last days, I am beyond, but I'm fighting back :)

March 6, 2010

My Alice...

Went to see the new one of Tim Burton from who I am an absolutely big fan! Nightmare before Christmas has to be the best ever, but also Big Fish is one of my favourites! Now, Alice. It was a marvellous spectacle of colour, costumes, effects and magic although I still had expected a lot more Burton - 'touch'.... Disney was the boss I guess...

March 3, 2010

Words and kids / Palabras y Niños

I'm very happy with this results from my wednesday -class. Such a bright colours wich they choosed by have such a great taste!
Go and see more on my other blog...welcome!

Estoy muy feliz con los resultados de mis classes que doy cada miercoles. Los colores, el contraste, ellos mismo han eligido todo ...niños tienen un sabor sin fronteras no?
Bienvenido en mi otro blog con todos sus trabajos!

March 1, 2010

Welcome Spring!!!

On the first day of March and so far the first day -after months full of gray days, snow and rain, cold hands and icefeets - with sunshine!!!! And on that day I receive the Sunshine Award from Snezana, a very lovely Serbian blogfriend that lives and works in Italy!
Hvala Lepo Snezana!
Go and visit her blog : Katy and the cat

And as a tradition I will pass it to two bloggers who are in some way also 'sunshine' for me!
1. Karö with her amazing collages, since some weeks I discovered her blog and I am absolutely a big fan!
2. Amanda who makes me happy with her funny view on her move from Canada to Great Britain...on the other side of the Channel for me.