February 28, 2011


Ting, ting, ting...
went outside already 100 times making to much noise to call my black beauty inside. It's already march, but february, known as the cat-month is still playing in the head of my Dalí. He left the house this morning and still didn't came back. Bad boy...I'm still waiting for you!

February 27, 2011

Tableau Vivant

Yesterday we celebrated together with 11 Antwerp Academies of Art, Music and Drama the yearly event on wich we want to show to our arts to a bigger audience. It was the first time they organized a huge event in one place, everybody together under one roof. It was a terrific day, loooots of people, parents with their kids and an enormous crowd where present to discover our treasures. While the big crowd was turning around different stages and performances, my coleagues and me started a Tableau Vivant. Students on the piano and harp played some classical tunes while we tried to illustrate words given by different people with ink and pencil on a tremendous paper. So much fun we had to do this! Not that easy but the result was quite impressive. All those styles together...one big story...hidden in lines. We have to do more things like this! And soon want to try that with my 6 years old students :)

Featured in San Francisco

After the arriving of my bookmark in San Francisco Tania dedicated a post to my blog. She wrote about our lovely story, how we met each other and how we shared our passion for Peru.
So lucky to know that far away on the other side of the globe my bookmark found a lovely home to spend his life in Tania's books.
If you don't know yet the jewels of Tania Cavenecia Torres, go ahead and discover Peruvian treasures made by herself! I'm so proud about her work and I hope you will found something for yourself too in her shop!
GRACIAS amiguita!

***Visit Tania's BLOG & SHOP! ***

February 21, 2011

Bright Knights

Just found this call for an Australian band that is recording a kind of stop-motion video. On the website of Bright Knights you can download a frame and colour it in as you like (not digital) just keeping in mind to make the background blue. Very original form of editing a video, with coloured frames from all over the world, so different and subcultural. Hope mine will be pasted in the video too :) . Feel free to download, colour the frame, scan it and send it back to the guys!

February 20, 2011

Origami - life

A very small stop-motion to check out the possbilities of Windows live Moviemaker. It's just basic, very easy to use and nothing more special, ...and for me the software is on the second place, playing and creating is just so much fun! When I was 9 I was folding billions of papers everyday...that was my Origami-age! :)

February 18, 2011

The view

[Eng] Modelling must be my second love after drawing.
This is too crazy for words. Valentina, my 'el dibujo del gato'-doll, born on the 14th of april, last monday...will start the weekend with two brilliant green eyes. Finally I could find some time to paint them with glasspaint and it's amazing what kind of vibration this gives to a piece of clay. Also I started to give her hair on my own invented way. That's for later, when I finished all of that. I'm still modelling her eyes...she cannot start drying yet...although I can't wait to polish the head and go on with the body, her hands and some other magic thing :)
Don't have so much time to draw right now!
Valentina wants to live and I have to help her!

If you could show her something on this world where would you take her to? Tell me!
[Nl] Dit moet wellicht mijn tweede passie zijn na tekenen. Poppen modelleren!
Valentina, geboren op 14 februari, dus afgelopen maandag zal het weekend starten met glasheldere groene ogen. Zo gek, wat een beetje verf kan doen op een bolletje klei. Daar doe ik het voor. Het lijkt een écht leven bijna dat ik schonk aan dit hompje!
Of ben ik té enthousiast? Ondertussen vond ik een manier om haar een waanzinnige haardos te geven...dat is stof voor later :)
Nog even en dan kan het hoofd drogen, kan ik het polijsten en doorgaan met de andere delen, zoals handen, lichaam en nog een beetje magie!
Nu heb ik amper tijd om te tekenen. Valentina wacht om het leven binnen te wandelen en deze wereld te zien!

Als jij haar zou kunnen gidsen op deze wereldbol, waarheen zou je haar meenemen? Wat moet ze zeker gezien hebben met die waanzinnige kijkers van haar? Vertel!

February 17, 2011

Featured in Slovenia

Some days ago I was featured on the blog of Skorcica, a graphic designer from the green ( as I imagine that country) Slovenia! Thanks to her post I met already some new blog souls/artists and they are all making my days! It 's so enormous to meet that easily new people, new creators of other worlds and to talk about the ways we walk everyday.
HVALA Skorcica,
I was so delighted with the way you wrote about my work!
Soon it's my turn to give a view on your stunning creations!
Dalí is even dreaming non-stop of a Slovenian now! ;)

***Visit Skorcica's BLOG & SHOP ***

February 14, 2011

Valentina is born!

On this lovers day I gave birth to a little girl...made out of paper and clay.
Now she can start growing every day. Hope that I can give her a view on the world very soon. I'm so excited about her arrival...exactly on this day!
She is still so young but want to wish everyone a very happy Valentine's day!!!
[She will grow into the next weeks but I'm trying to keep her inside until she will enter the big world in april 2011 on my exhibition.]
Watch her birth on these polaroids!Vandaag, precies vandaag gaf ik het leven aan een meisje!
En dan nog wel eentje van papier en klei. Wat een gevoel!
Vanaf nu zal ze elke dag een beetje groeien en ik hoop haar heel spoedig een stel wondermooie ogen te geven zodat ze eindelijk kan zien waar ze opgroeien zal. Ook al is ze nog zo pril, ze wil jullie allemaal een hele warme Valentijn wensen!!!
[Ik probeer haar de volgende weken binnenshuis te houden tot wanneer ik ze zal voorstellen aan het grote publiek op de opening van mijn tentoonstelling begin april 2011]
boven : geboorte van Valentina

February 13, 2011

Dalí & his Tote bag

[photo by Jitesh Patel, see THIS LINK]

Bought this marvellous book today!
The TOTE BAG by Jitesh Patel.

A spectacular collection of different designed tote bags by all kind of illustrators from over the world!

The book is wrapped into a funny designed tote bag by Gemma Correll and Dalí is showing you how comfortable and cool he looks into his bag. He loves it too!

February 8, 2011

El mundo del Gato

[Eng]This is a small selection of the drawings I made over 2 years.
It's quite strange to see how the drawing mind can change over days, months and years. I feel ready to show them in real life for public.
Never saw them all together as they all got a life on one specific day on this blog. A selection of aprox. 50 drawings will be exposed in April 2011.
I'll keep you informed!
[Nl] Dit is een kleine selectie van tekeningen die ik maakte in de laatste 2 jaar.
Het is soms bevreemdend te zien hoe een tekenende geest verandert na verloop van tijd. Het moment is gekomen om ze eens in levende lijve voor te stellen aan een publiek. Ik zag ze zelf nog nooit samen aangezien elke tekening een leven kreeg op een welbepaalde dag van deze blog. Een selectie van ongeveer 50 tekeningen zal tentoongesteld worden in April 2011.
Ik hou jullie op de hoogte!

February 7, 2011


It feels like spring is coming closer and closer! I made these little funny 'macaroons'. Me, my coffee and a little macaroon on monday!
Have a crazy coconut - week!
Mix two eggs with 180gr of sugar and add like 200gr rasped coconut...make little mountains and bake for 15 min on 180°c! mmmmmm!

February 2, 2011

Exchanging friendship

While I was preparing my package with the bookmark, Tania's jewels arrived in my arms, or better onto my ears :)
I loved them on first sight! Not only because they are handmade by Tania but even more for the new friendship we share since some weeks and that's based more exactly on our shared passion for Perú. She is half Peruvian, I imagine every day that I am Peruvian but lucky I am to be married with a Peruvian and to have also my family there, who I miss so much. Tania and I can share a lot...and the most beautiful are the things we create. So we arranged an exchange of our art. And I can tell you, that feels so inspiring! My package is flying over the globe and things like that make me feel living for real...
For more Peruvian related jewelry, VISIT the Etsy-shop of Tania
*Gracias amiga*

February 1, 2011

Mark your book!

The first product for my upcoming shop is born!
This one is based on the drawing I did for They Draw & Cook and serves especially in all kinds of delicious cooking bibles. It's so fun to think of the package, the presentation, printing, cutting and all the details.
The first one is flying to Tania Cavenecia Torres in California, USA.
She is an artist and jewelry designer that is influenced by her Peruvian heritage and she loved this drawing.
Thanks to her my products are growing...I'm working on it and hope to open very soon my Etsy-shop.
Details about the Bookmark Andean Rice :
Printed on Montvalle Aquarelle by Canson 310g/m² (textured paper)
18,3 cm x 6,9 cm, with rounded corners on one side and a dark red ribbon on the other side
For any comments, questions or wishes write me on kat@kathydewit.be