December 24, 2011

For you!

Enjoy the table full of tasty things, the little lights in the tree...enjoy of every cliche :) and most of all think of someone who has to spend this christmas are not alone today!
Wishing all of you a very nice christmas with this little peruvian boy.
Happy he doesn't grow and stay as cute as on the day I bought him. :)

December 20, 2011

Brooches x 3

 If someone thought that I was sleeping? :)
I have so much work to do, finishing this year in the museum with the lay-out of the ABC-book, remember? and later more;), closing the last classes in the academy of this year with nice christmas-party's, putting my tree, thinking of making my christmas cards, I have still 3 days...preparing these new brooches for my shop and working hard for enough stuff/ cards/ prints for the pop-up store in Antwerp in wich I will be featured and an exhibition in a coffee bar in Antwerp too in February. Don't think I will have time for vacation...however...I'm looking forward to some relaxing days watching snowflakes and drinking hot chocolate.
This three brooches are the first of a huge family. They are made of Polymer clay, handpainted and 100% unique! Soon in my ETSY-shop!
There are still calendars too for someone who is in search of a nice gift! x

December 9, 2011

My first brooch ♥

Dreamed since ages of it to start modelling my own brooches but I'm still searching from wich base I can start. This one is made of white Polymer clay and it feels comfortable and surely not heavy to wear. I made an imprint and based on that form I brought a 'cat' (how strange no? :) to life in acrylics.  Love her already but still some finishing work to do before I can call it a brooch! What do you I make a family for this cat? Tell me!

December 5, 2011

Handmade in Belgium

 Lovely things, handmade (or usefull to make things by hand :) in Belgium were brought together in an incredible old abbey close to Hasselt. (east of Belgium). I went with a friend of me and her two daughters and we were very happy to spent our sunday in this place! Full of creative energy, inpspiration and creations. I wanted to bring all my little things together I buyed, so here is my list of 6 artists/shops :

1. ARTEMYSIA / Photography, paintings and brand new badges. The one I choosed has a picture of an old cinema seat, love it!
2. HILDE GROVEN / Illustration and jewelry. I'm a big fan of her work. I bought this time a set of postcards with her illustrations. Earlier this week I couldn't resist to buy a ring from her in a very lovely shop near Gent -------- >PETIT BAZAAR
3. KARLITA / Jewelry and scarfs. Last week I was one of the winners of a giftcard for the fair. I was free to choose some prducts in her shop. I felt in love with 2 badges from felt and a badge and necklace with japanese paper
4. BABS RAEDSCHELDERS / Design, illustration & animation. :) that badge is me!

5 & 6. PAPIERMIER / Lovely webshop with paper goods. I bought some new washi-tape and a very usefull wooden mold to make envelopes out of all kind of papers. FUN!

Ooooh this was a nice afternoon. Now back to monday and all the work! Have a nice week everyone!

December 1, 2011

Sketchbook Project 2012 - Part 2

 I want to take quite often pictures of this little book as I have to send it back to Brooklyn  in the end of January, to have a nice memory of how the stories were born inside the book. Today no one day of rest for the little one. :)

Meanwhile want to let you know that the Calendar 2012 I created is 'loved' and if you want one don't think too long...go and order yours before they're all sold. Welcome in my brand new Etsy-shop