November 15, 2013

Calligraphy vs Lettering : Workshop Lugano by Martina Flor and Guiseppe Salerno

Last weekend we took the car and drove to Switzerland.
In the first place we planned this weekend due to a workshop Calligraphy vs Lettering that would be thought by Martina Flor and Guiseppe Salerno.
While I am drowning myself more and more into typography, lettering and calligraphy it seemed the perfect moment to join this workshop.All the way we went to Lugano for it. 7 hours we were writing and drawing with an impressive drive! The best birthday-gift I could dream! I was overwhelmed afterwards and we finished this 'cumpleaños' in a little restaurant somewhere in Lugano. I felt so happy with this experience and it inspired me a lot for my next calligraphy workshops in Antwerp and Ghent.
This week I was digitizing the word we lettered with Martina after writing it in Brushpen calligraphy with Guiseppe. Let me know what you think of it. It was a delicious weekend! More picturses about the alps and surroundings soon! Muchas gracias Martina and Guiseppe for making my birthday even more special!
Thanks to Rebecca, for given me the opportunity to join this!
And of course, gracias amor, para este viaje, tu tiempo, tu apoyo, tu corazon y tu musica!

November 6, 2013

Calligraphy workshop #1

 Last weekend I did a first trial-workshop about Calligraphy.
We were invited to an incredible workspace near Ghent runned by Nicolas Van Parys and his team : Artestiek Buro Vrije Ruimte in Drongen.
We had a marvelous afternoon together with the nibs and ink between all those papers on the incredible table surrounded by a lovely wallpainting done by Nicolas himself.
All my guests went homewards with a huge smile on their face and a head full of dancing letters!
 Time to do some finetuning within the little guide I made for this workshop.
Up to the next one in Antwerp!