February 21, 2012

Last week Lolly Pop-up Store and flu-times

 It looks like ages that I came onto my blog but I was so busy with giving workshops, teaching, participating in different little projects that I forgot myself, my mind and my body. So there was some damage, I needed again an operation on my big toe and I really hope this was the last time my nail choosed to grow a little bit different then normal. Looks like he wanted to be creative too but after months of pain again the doctor teached him a lesson! Anyway...meanwhile I started recuperating of this little surgery a huge flu turned me into a worthless kid. Even worthless kids can paint! :) I finished this morning these 4 new brooches to bring them to the Lolly Pop-up Store in Antwerp! Damas y caballeros!!! 
The LAST days of the pop-up store are here! Go and get something unique, handmade and lovely!
All info you can get on their Facebook page. You have untill SATURDAY the 25th of february...yes THIS saturday! 
Dreaming of drawing something on a piece of paper. Let's draw a flu! :)

February 4, 2012

De Dikke Kat - Expo!

New brooches and a new Exhibition!

Of course Valentina (do you remember her?) was so happy to leave finally to Antwerp after being at home for months. 
So she welcomes you this time in De Dikke Kat  (The Fat Cat in English), Kasteelpleinstraat 26. I'm showing there my work together with two other artists. 

One of them, Anke De Potter, is a good friend and collegue at the academy where both of us are teaching arts.

Welcome for a warm coffee, latte, hot chocolate and so many more. Just sit down, relax and enjoy of our creations. x
Meanwhile the Lolly Pop-up store is still open and kicking!
Not even that far from De Dikke Kat! Perfect combination!
See you!