April 27, 2012

Homesale @ De Dikke Kat

Een laaaaang weekend komt eraan!
Welkom op de Sweet Homesale in De Dikke Kat!
Dinsdag 1 mei 2012 van 14u tot 17u

Een verlofdag met allerlei zelfgemaakte spulletjes die anders voornamelijk in webwinkels te verkrijgen zijn.Naast juweeltjes, schilderijtjes, behangsilhouetten, cupcakes, foto's,  taart en een live-optreden van allemaal ander creatief geweld zullen al mijn nieuwe broches, prints, postkaartjes en bladwijzers meereizen naar de warme pels van De Dikke Kat.

Laten we er samen een hele gezellige mei-dag van maken!

See you in Antwerp!

April 20, 2012


Months are flying away...and I hardly can take a paper to just sit down and DRAW! 
I'm still taking time to reload and inspire myself with new ideas. I just thought I could start again with new energy and just now my grandfather started balancing between life and dead due to a horrible disease. This is pushing me with my back to the wall and obligated me to reflect about thousands of things in my life. 
The sadness is huge but what could help me better then ART! 
The first image is a picture of a postcard from the work of a Belgian painter, Gustave Van de Woestyne. His work always attracted me and these days more then ever.
I rediscovered his work in the Museum of Arts in Gent while there was the exhibition about Ford Madox Brown. I love his work and above all ' The last of England', it's a whole story in one painting and it's even today very actual. And of course, once these masters were little too, like my little niece...and I love it to see her painting although she colours those Disney-things. :)  I turn back for now...I need some time to go trough all the painfull moments but the next post is for sure a drawing of my hand, I promise you! x

April 10, 2012

A moment of inspiration

 Enjoy these images like we've enjoyed walking there and reload our batteries and refresh our minds for the next 100 years :)

April 2, 2012

New Andes-inspired brooches!

 The 1st of April I spended on a little handmade-market. All the new cats/brooches came with me. Postcards, originals, prints, bookmarks and even Valentina, they were all present on the Mercado Loco Loco in Zolder. It was a weekend full of handmade events spread over flanders and the northern neighbours of The Netherlands. I wished I could go to every market but that new family of cats, foxes and a llama asked my attention for 200% this weekend. Happy to present them to you. If you have a favourite one or you are interested to adopt one of them, let me know! I and even they would be sooo happy!!!