May 31, 2011


Self-made postcards from my design that I made some weeks ago.
Right on time for all the little newborns! Without the text it can serve for many more opportunities I guess? What do you think?

May 30, 2011

Tentoonstellings- / Exhibition WEEKEND!

Welkom op ons tentoonstellingsweekend in de Oude Kleurfabriek te Drongen op zaterdag 18 juni en zondag 19 juni 2011. Zondag om 11 uur ---VERNISSAGE-- in het bijzijn van alle exposanten. Er zal zowel schilderkunst, fotografie, juweelontwerp én illustratiewerk te zien zijn!
Nicolas Van Parys, Sarah Strosse, Martin Vereecken, Ruth Decaesstecker, Stefanie de Graef & IK :)
Hopelijk tot dan!
Together with 5 other artists we will have an exhibitionweekend in Drongen near Gent. If you would be close just send me an e-mail for more information. Paintings, jewellery, photography and illustration will be showed in an old factorybuilding.
See you there may'be! :)

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May 27, 2011

Doodling again!

As I said! The flow is back and that little new Moleskine sketchbook is giving me wings! Just doodled around while listening to old favourite tunes of my ♥-ly man! Fridayevenings can be sooo sweet and calm! Have a nice weekend ;)

May 26, 2011

What I wore today

mmmm! After the Etsy Lab I got a new boost forward I guess. If feels very good and I really enjoyed making this 'What I wore today' to upload on the Flickr Group of Gemma Correll.
Everyone can join, just draw yourself with your clothes of that day or another day...and meanwhile Gemma is selecting drawings to make a book with it! So DRAW and upload it HERE !
More info on the 'What I wore today'-blog and facebook.
Would be fun to find some of you overthere too...let's play! ;)
x Kathy That's the way I draw....these months, enjoying the long evenings, the paper and my Dalí close to me. He waits until I'm finished to drink the water I used painting my drawing. I ♥ HIM! oh! And no picture like this without my photographer... he was my first ♥ !

May 25, 2011

Etsy Lab in Brussels

Tuesdayevening went to my first Etsy-lab. Under the shelf of Turtlewings.
Etsy NL organised a very nice evening about Art Journaling with Anna Denise. Even while searching a place for my car before arriving to the event I passed the window and it attracted me like a kid to a very big ice-cream. Inside I felt some kind of flowing energy full of creativity and peacefull creating, love and dreams. Even under the table! I shared my little table with Cheryl and Niki from England. I was only in Brussels and could feel the whole world underneath my feet! Good to leave in time Flanders and happy to have still this capital!
oooh this was a perfect evening! More to come I hope!
Thanks Cheryl and Niki for the nice time creating together!

May 23, 2011

Sakura to Santiago

I finished the Sakura embroidery and made together with a piece of grey felt a little bag of it. That bag will travel soon from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostella with a friend of me on her walking adventure. I hope she can collect little treasures in it on the way to.The little buttons are Tagua nuts I brought from Perú. Let's see if they reach Santiago :)

May 22, 2011

Baked Sunday #3

This should be my third post about my baking adventures on sunday...but I want to post them weekly from now on as I'm baking almost every week/sunday. Normally this should be number 50 I guess :) Anyway. For today a little lemon-cupcake!

May 19, 2011

Rainy sunshine

My coriander blossoms, a little dead beatle I found outside and gave him a restplace, crazy flower of my lavender and also those of the Pelargonium Citronella...smells so good! Nature is calling for water over here, so finally a foggy and rainy day...and I'm enjoying of it!

May 17, 2011

Feeling Stitchy

My best friend gave me a super-present the day my exhibition opened!
A stitch-frame!
Since months I was following different blogs and sites about embroidery and things like that. It always attracted me and now with my own frame I started finally doiing something...just a doodle of my Sakura-design to search my way into it. It goes well, it is relaxing me and also attracts Dalí in some way :). One day he will start creating too I guess. That boy is following me wherever I go! Now, we are feeling very stitchy and happy!

Take a look on this very inspiring website : Feeling Stitchy
And the work of Jillian Tamaki is ...incredible!

May 16, 2011


My brother found this little mini-newborn-cat in the field. He called me to ask what to do. We tried to call the mother by putting the little creature back in the field and waiting for her but nobody came to pick him! Now the family of my sister-in-law are taking care of him and we all think he will make it and will be a big strong boy someday. I wanted to bring him home but don't know what could be the reaction of King Dali. :) mom-feelings were touched again!

May 8, 2011

Valentina visita Huize Colette

Valentina startte haar lange reis. Ze besliste dat het tijd was om haar wereld te gaan ontdekken. Haar tweede bestemming is Gent. Mijn Gent van langgeleden waar Ottelien en Aline acht maanden geleden hun chocolade-en boekenzaak openden onder de naam Huize Colette.

Als je in de buurt bent spring dan binnen. Breng Valentina een bezoekje terwijl je geniet van alle lekkers ten huize van Colette, Belfortstraat 6 in Gent.
Dagelijks open van 9u tot 19u, in het weekend vanaf 10u en gesloten op maandag.
Ze logeert daar tot 11 juni 2011 en dan wil ze naar een nieuwe bestemming!
Wil je haar helpen zoeken of heb je een goeie tip? Laat het ons weten!
Valentina started her journey. Now she decided to go and discover her surrounding world. Her second stop is GENT. A typical medieval Flemish city where two girls started a chocolate/bookshop since 8 months,

If you are close, visit Valentina while enjoying the most delicious treasures
home to Huize Colette, Belfortstraat 6, Gent.
Open all day long from 9am to 7pm, weekend from 10am to 7pm and closed on monday.
Valentina stays there untill the 11th of june 2011.
Then she will travel to a new destination!
We are still searching...if you know something, let us know!

May 2, 2011

Printing, packaging and selling

Signed and numbered prints of 'Verbondenheid' (Connected)
and my new stickers for sending them out.
So ordinary to sell my works into a giftpaper. My fingers were jumping to sew a kind of cotton-bag for each one of them! If feels so good, it looks marvellous and it stays very simple but just what I want! And my lovely buyers were very surprised with it!