May 30, 2012

Healthy herbs

Made for a friend who prepares all kinds of healthy little bottles with magic herbs in it.
This little drawing will come onto her products very soon ;)

May 27, 2012

To think about

That forest. Very close to where we live in this country full of people and houses, streets, cars, industry and all the things that makes us the middle of all those things lays my forest, close to the border with the Netherlands. I took one picture today while my short visit on this warm and very sunny sunday.
This is it. With a phrase I found through Pinterest on 'I can read' ( wonderfull place to hang around!) and a little teepee that reminds me of wild-camping and vacation in all kind of countries where I needed courage, where I found happiness. On the moment I took this picture...I felt happy. To be there, to see this view and still I don't believe this is Belgium. I felt happy because I thought a while I was in a Polish forest close to the border with Russia and it lies just some 5 minutes from our house :)
Have a wonderfull week full of courage and happiness!

May 19, 2012

Eva is born!

How a watercolor turned out into a card for the birth of Eva.
Eva is a new wonder on this planet made by my neighbours, no, not yet mine ;)
 and I'm so proud to show you the finished card, finally! :)
(and very happy that I could design this one!)
Merci Ingrid en Joel ;)

May 17, 2012

Valtari hour - Sigur Rós

If you love the music from the Icelandic band Sigur Rós and you are living in the Americas then there is coming one hour of beauty your way. Go to the link and see when that hour arrives in your country.
This music blows you of the globe!
And because I never can relax and calm down I had to make a Sigur-Rós doodle...this is what I should do while listening ;)
Go and enjoy this gift!

May 16, 2012

Space is were we belong

After more then 3 months I guess I returned to my drawing table and  that feels so good!
It was a very hard time, there wasn't yet a spring, the world was like turning in the other direction...I said farewell to my grandfather, he is now somewhere....not to far from us I think. While drawing this there was that song on the radio of Absynthe Minded, a belgian group, 'Space is were we belong'. That makes me thinking that even the dead isn't that worse. Life is good and so this drawing to finish a long period of pain, tears and awfull thoughts.
I'm gratefull for this life and I want to give you these words that I founded through Pinterest :
On the other side of fear lies freedom.
Enjoy this week, your days, this life!
x Kathy

May 2, 2012


 Last monday, we went to the airport and we came back with our tickets! for PERU!!!! FINALLY!
Such an emotion...4 weeks of this year I don't have to spend in this country :) Another emotion! :)
The lovely mosaic I discovered in Aalst and that day ended up in the brand new 'tipi' of our neighbours. Making a fire, 3 liters of beer and cava, some 'cancha' (toasted peruvian corn) and a horrible almost stormy weather outside...but we cosy chatting and dreaming of the big planes...far away.