May 16, 2012

Space is were we belong

After more then 3 months I guess I returned to my drawing table and  that feels so good!
It was a very hard time, there wasn't yet a spring, the world was like turning in the other direction...I said farewell to my grandfather, he is now somewhere....not to far from us I think. While drawing this there was that song on the radio of Absynthe Minded, a belgian group, 'Space is were we belong'. That makes me thinking that even the dead isn't that worse. Life is good and so this drawing to finish a long period of pain, tears and awfull thoughts.
I'm gratefull for this life and I want to give you these words that I founded through Pinterest :
On the other side of fear lies freedom.
Enjoy this week, your days, this life!
x Kathy


roberto M. said...

Hola Kathy, bueno, me alegra que tú hayas salido de un período un poco gris, pero obviamente, cuando uno pierde a un ser querido, esto ocurre.
Dibujar, (por suerte para los que tenemos facilidad para hacerlo) es una buena via para liberar nuestra mente en esos casos. Tu ilustración es muy bella. y la frase que tomaste de Pinterest también (ya soy tu seguidor y repineé algunas cositas al mío :) pero necesito tiempo para ver tu pinterest pues tú tienes millones de pins!!!!!!! JA JA)
Te envío un beso y un abrazo!!!!

Kathy De Wit said...

jaja Roberto, me das risa. Al toke te sigo tambien. Es algo maravilloso este Pinterest. Y muchas gracias para tus palabras! La verdad...que somos si no podemos dibujar lo que sentimos. Feliz de regresar y feliz que tu estas siempre ahi! Saludos a tu esposa tambien! x

rossichka said...

Dear Kathy, with this drawing, you are taking "good bye" wwith the sorrow, letting it fly free up so high and far, far away...
I hope you'll feel better now! Your drawing table awaits for you!:)
I like the thought, but did you miss on purpose "of fear"?... It's not that easy to find your freedom, to get or feel free, but we must make attempts!...

Kathy De Wit said...

oooooow I see now!!! of course! Thank you so much for these words...and that you are feeling with me! Big hug from me!!!xxx

d'Ank said...

Het is een sterke illustratie, Kathy. Knap dat je deze wist op papier te zetten.
Jammer dat je een minder goede periode doormaakte.
Heel veel goede moed en meer zon en warmte voor ieder van ons;-)!