November 28, 2011

Sketchbook Project 2012 - Working on cover

Started in my sketchbook from The Sketchbook Project. A huge Sketchbook-project organised by Art-house Co-op. Earlier this year I ordered my little book and choosed the theme Travel with me. My concept is to take it almost every day with me in the train to Antwerp and draw 'something'. I'm a dreamer. And so everything can come true in this book, every journey I want to make. I can draw wathever I want and most of all I will not think to hard while drawing. Just be inspired by the moment, the people on the train, the things I hear and see, and the limited time of 16 minutes ;) I'm very curious what it will be in the end. I have to send back the book to the Brooklyn Library before the end of January 2012.
So, let's make something of the darkest time of the year and I'll bring it all together in this little treasure.
April 2012 will be the start of a big worldtour will start with all the received sketchbooks.
'It's like a Concert tour but with Sketchbooks!' 

November 27, 2011

El gato Frank

 Last week I joined a workshop 'making your own puppet' in the workplace of Theater Froefroe in Antwerp. First I thought to make a girl like those ones I'm used to draw but suddenly she turned out into a cat and she became more HE :) With a block of foam, scissors, cutters and strong glue we started creating our 'thing'. Yesterday I took my creation to the kids of my saturday-class and they gave him the name Frank. Why Frank is a very good question! Zappa? Stella? Ghery? Anyway...don't try to guess. There are kids for! :) I will try from now to use our 'Frank' to tell them about painters, artists and creators from all over. :) When Frank is talking they are so quiet ;)))

November 22, 2011

mini-studio with model!

A little dream came true. We bought a mini-studio to make good iluminated photos off all the things we want and mostly those that I create. Just in time for another shoot of my packaged calenders ready to go to a little bookshop-coffeebar in Ghent. This pictures are looking just perfect and so Dalí thought this must be the right moment for a mini-shoot with him:) Incredible this cat! I showed him the illuminated box and immediately he rolled himself up and dreamed already of playing the sleeping beauty. ooooh Dalí :) Look his face! Like a real model. :)))
Ja! Nog een kleine droom waargemaakt :) Zo'n mini-studio met veel licht voor het maken van superfoto's van alles wat ik wens en bovenal van alles wat ik nog ga maken. Het ideale moment voor een kleine shoot van mijn klaargemaakte kalenders die naar Gent vertrekken. Vanaf vandaag kan je ze daar ook kopen bij Huize Colette, de heerlijke koffiebar-leesbar van Ottelien en Aline. Welkom!!!
Heel fijn om met deze box te werken...die foto's zien er zo écht uit en Dalí moet heel waarschijnlijk gedacht hebben dat dit hét moment was voor een mini-shoot van hemzelf ;) Ongeloofelijk! Ik toonde hem de box, hij sprong er meteen in, krulde zich op in een gezellig bolletje en keek recht in de lens! Haha, zie die blik, hij waant zich een echt model!

November 16, 2011

The child in me and you

A new illustration for the column of Lily in ZIEZOZON - online magazine (dutch)
And it goes all about don't loosing the kid inside of you and how difficult it can be to live in that
world of 'adults'. Don't forget how it all started!

November 15, 2011

Fuerza de llama!

The llama is'nt looking that happy, but I'm sure, inside he feels sooooo happy! I'm preparing daily new packages and it gives me such a warm feeling that friends from far away and even very close, friends from now and so many years ago are touched watching my Calendar 2012. I'm making a big point of it to prepare every single package with an unusual amount of love and passion for the art, for the little paper-thing that moves hearts. wowwowwow...thank to everyone for the support. Thanks to all of you! This is just the beginning of something very nice, not big, just good and powerful!

November 10, 2011

Calendar 2012!

 Proud I am to present you my first El dibujo del gato - CALENDAR 2012!
and in one breath also the official opening of my ETSY-shop! Huuuuuuuray for myself :)))
I couldn't choose a better day to make reality of all these dreams.
You can only survive the magic year 2012 with this calendar, enjoy every month from a new original illustration that I've created between 2009 and now.
Here I give you a preview of my Calendar, if you are interested to buy than you are very welcome HERE!
For any kind of questions, wishes or thoughts you contact me easily on :
See you there!
Jaaaaaaa! Fier stel ik jullie mijn eerste El dibujo del gato - kalender 2012 voor en meteen ook de officiële opening van mijn ETSY-winkeltje! Ik kon geen betere dag kiezen om deze dromen waar te maken, dus wel 3 x HOERA!
Het magische jaar 2012 is alleen overleefbaar met deze kalender :), geniet elke maand van een nieuwe originele illustratie die ik tekende tussen 2009 en nu.
Ben je geïnteresseerd in deze kalender, dan kan je deze heel makkelijk bestellen HIER!
Heb je vragen, bedenkingen of nog een wens, mail me dan op bovenstaand adres ;)

Click on the image to go to my Etsy-shop

One day in 1979

Vandaag wil ik jullie eens extra bedanken voor dit leven!
So grateful for this life mom & dad gave me!

November 3, 2011

Calendar girl

Hij is er bijna, mijn eerste échte kalender. Met veel tromgeroffel zal ik hem uitgebreid voorstellen volgende week aangezien ik nu nog op een veel lager tempo geniet van dit weekje vakantie en even tijd neem voor andere dingen en kleine uitjes. Al een hele grote dank voor alle super-enthousiaste reacties op dit kleine project. Ik maakte dit heel speciaal voor jullie ;)
My first self-designed calendar will be ready in the next week as I'm enjoying still of one week slow tempo and time to travel and to see new worlds. 
I will come knocking your door when he is ready to deliver! :)
Thanks already for all the postive uuuuuuuhs' and aaaahs' and all that enthusiasm about this creation.
I'm making him for all of you ;)
On the 10th of NOV (my birthday :) I WILL SHOW HIM HERE IN DETAIL ON MY BLOG! Welcome!

November 2, 2011


And there is already november. We welcomed here with a walk in the south of this oooo so little country. Happy it has a southern part with real forests and 'space'!
Will love this month forever as it is MY month! One week to go and I can celebrate my 32 autumns:)