May 31, 2010


Last autumn I was experimenting with epoxy the days are getting longer and I don't have to work inside it makes it all much nicer to do and go on experimenting! They are still drying but I couldn' t wait to show them. Soon will finish them! Let me know what you think of them!

May 30, 2010


Had these wooden pendant from a shop in Lima...but since now I didn't do much with it. After trying to paint them I carved them. Brought black ink into the lines and covered the ginkgo-leave with some varnish. Just played around with my beads and tried to capture a nice image.
If sun comes back...someday, then I can wear it on a nice summerdress!

May 29, 2010

Green fingers

Beside the fact I have drawing fingers they are also very green!:) Last spring I couldn't and didn't want to let grow a lot of plants and flowers because of our two months absence ( in Peru). Now, this year we cannot afford us again that too expensive ticket and I'm concentrating on making a little heaven on, little bit exaggerated:) Love the textures, the thousands of green, the growing wonders and everything around it...
Here you can see some doodlings and my playtime in photoshop on a rural saterday eve...
Have a nice weekend!

May 26, 2010


A friend did remind me on FB of our visit to this tomb of Cesar Vallejo on the cemetery of Montparnasse in Paris, almost 3 years ago! Me and my future husband travelled to Paris and promised our friend to leave some notes on the resting place of the Peruvian poet, a man who's mind and work mean a lot for him. I drewed this little portrait on my room in the hotel...and gave it a place on the tomb together with other little things that had a meaning. O gosh, three years already!!!

May 25, 2010

A day in the park

Looks like horror but it was just part of an act from Theater Tieret...a belgian company that performed on a little festival in the park of Lokeren, a typical village in Flanders. Every year I go to enjoy these performers with puppets or just themselves. I am absolutely not a good photographer, but this one has something!!! Look the little child ...she doesn't know what to think of this purple smoke...the other childs were yelling and she didn't know to wake up tears or to laugh with it like all the adults did...without knowing the result I took this image in a reflexing second! :)

May 24, 2010

La COCINA del gato

Here you see my Lemon Meringue Pie made with the recipe of The Hummingbird Bakery in London. Never been there, but the book is so delicious to view and try of course everything that it is containing! MMMMM...This one was sooooooo goooood and lovely to make and even more lovely to EAT! Get the book and try it yourself or even better, go and visit them in London if you are close of course!

May 23, 2010

Diary France #7 : Fin

The last drawing about our little journey is inspired on the first night of that journey. We had a lovely room at home of a French lady not that far away from Liseux. Brittany or 'Breizh' in the their language, was still on the other side of the horizon. Today, one week after, we can only dream again of those days and all the little things that gaves us memories forever!
Hope you enjoyed of this little journey too!!!
Back to daily life! :)

May 22, 2010

Diary France #6 : Monsieur Chat

Down the walls of the city was sitting a poor old man. He didn't had interest in the views that tourists were making off thousand photos! He just came like everyday to a little place away from the busy streets to visit his friends , 4 white cats. He didn't say anything but the cats were like in a conversacion with him. I could watch it for hours...but the view of the sea was pulling me to draw ;). This is one of those little secret stories you can unwire in cities...wich I LOVE!

May 21, 2010

Diary France #5 : Plage - doodle

Very quick, last saturday-afternoon...on a little and quiet beach near St.Malo I made this little doodle. Not for the result but just for the feeling of sand gliding trough my fingers...while the wind blowed the ocean in my back :). This meaned finally some rest after a very busy time!

May 20, 2010

Diary France #4 : Discovering Dinan

Almost on the end of our little journey we thought to have seen everything in that little region of Brittany! The art-festival in St.Malo, Le Mont St. Michel, the windy but sunny beaches, eating huge meringues and too many crêpes, and sleeping in lovely french 'jumpin' beds. Anyway, our guestwoman wanted to now our plans for saturday-evening and she convinced us to go and visit Dinan...some 50 km away from the coast where we would have our last night. What a treasure!!! Walking in little wooden streets with houses that are like living trees...talking to me. :)
This must be the discovery of our mini-escape. If you are close? Don't miss it! Also there they have more then a dozen of crêperies :))) and the crowd of coastal cities is far away here! :)

May 19, 2010

Diary France #3 : Le mont St. Touristique

Finally, the farest point we went after see this spectacular island named Mont St.Michel. Above two drawings of this place with a difference of 12 years. Was like 18 when I visited this for the first time and now I went back to show my husband this little dream...if you don't mind the crowd that's walking every day to this like floating island in the sea. After 12 years I saw many differences...much more people still go visiting it and walking in the main street is like no longer an easy job. But I still love the roofs and materials the house were build off! The good news may'be is that they will reorganize the whole site! No more parked cars close to walk with those legs we did some 2 km to reach it. Anyway, we enjoyed the view, took millions of pics but we were happy to turn our back on time...and going to spots without too many lazy tourists.

May 18, 2010

Diary France #2 : La Bretagne Pétillante

Brittany and Normandy are two paradises into France where 'Cidre' is like gold! It looks like and it tastes wonderful!!! There is nothing better to drink if you are overthere. I was drinking it like every meal...and cannot get enough of it!
Made of apples and with that typical wooden flavour in delicious! I would take a bath in it!
Want to know more about some tasty gold? Go to this link!

May 17, 2010

Diary France #1

Welcome back everyone!
I feel reloaded but also a little bit sad that I had to return homewards.
The blue ocean, the fresh wind, the little strong coffees, the more then delicious 'crêpes' and 'galettes' and of course the gallons of 'cidre' made us feeling sooo happy and 'full' :)This week I want to try to publish every day some flashback from this little journey to Bretagne and Normandy in France! Hope you can feel the wind blowing!
Enjoy! Back to work now;)

Bienvenido a todos!
Me siento al mismo tiempo recargada y triste que teniamos que regresar a la casa. El ocean azul, el viento tan fresco, las cafecitas chiquitas, los ricos 'crêpes' y 'galettes' y sobre todo los litros de 'cidre' nos han dado una felicidad tan grande y nos han dejado totalmente llenos! :) Esta semana quiero publicar los recuerdos de este viaje tan corto pero intensto en Francia. Espero que vas a sentir el viento soplando!
Disfrutalo! Otra vez trabajo ahora ;)

May 12, 2010


The drawings are finished for a little book about a family Christmas tradition and I'm happy with it! It's not the time of the year to talk about Christmas but I wanted to share this after all the socks I showed before. Also this image you could see on a post when I was working on it. This is the final version.
You like it?

And for now...I'm taking a little blogbreak.
See you all back on monday, enjoy the weekend and be good to each other...
love makes life so worthful to live for!

May 9, 2010

Happy Mama!

I was thinking on a kind of self-portrait to do, me,
like a Peruvian mother with her cat-child.
That turned out like I wanted, but the paper I used to fill the dress made it all together with the black hair very Japanese. I don't mind that. All the different cultures mixed up in one little drawing...looks fine to me...and more important, my mum loved it!
Happy Mother's Day to all the mums in the world!!!

May 7, 2010


On the road we went in my blue car to the capital of this little country to be part of the opening in the Center for Fine Arts (BOZAR), me and my best friend. See her 'Heart' above! It's really so small but so poetic and touching! Even it has a little door you can open! She was one of the winners in a huge contest of Art in Belgium, organized by a television channel that's more orientated to art and culture in general. Watch the gallery of the contest to see more works! We had a lot of fun and enjoyed a wonderfull evening full of really 'Fine art'!

May 5, 2010

Vino y vida / Wine and life

Last weekend we really enjoyed this bottle of wine! And for me most important on a bottle of wine is the label that it wears. I really don't know too much of 'good' wines but 'good' labels, yes, that's my part of interest! This one is a handmade paper with just that printed flower covered by a shiny layer...and a little embossing, but that disappeared while peeling off the bottle with a lot of hot water. May'be I can make a set and heading for another bottle. They sell also the white 'Vida orgánica' :) (Chardonnay)
That's good for another weekend!

May 4, 2010

Jingle sock

No, I'm not losing my mind by drawing like crazy socks in all different stages and behaviours. But I wanted to share these ones while working and finishing a Christmas project. It's all so exciting to do, to draw, to see growing the story and images and above all to give life to a dream.
Sounds sooo creamy but it's all so nice to live for!

No estoy dibujando medias asi nomas, parece que me he vuelto loquita :)
Solo queria compartir estos dibujitos mientras que estoy trabajando y finalizando a un proyecto de Navidad. Es bonito para hacer, para dibujar y para ver que es possible realizar un sueño.
Estoy feliz de poder hacer lo que me gusta!