March 28, 2011

Framing time

[Eng]My self-invented system of framing. Very easy and simple but a perfect finish for my little watercolors. I don't like refelections. Everyone can see them from very close...every stroke, every line and dot. That's my point! And nerves are growing. In exactly one week my exhibition will open! If you are close, jump in! --- [Nl] Zelf bedacht kadersysteempje. Eenvoudig, makkelijk en het brengt die kleine aquarellen volledig tot hun recht. Ik heb het niet voor kaders vol glas en reflecties. Iedereen kan onnoemelijk dichtbij gaan zien, bijna de inkt nog ruiken, elk vlekje en streepje spotten...en daar komt het op aan voor mij. De zenuwen gluren om de hoek. Nog precies 1 week en de tentoonstelling gaat van start. Ben je in de buurt, kom af!

March 27, 2011

New start

A new banner, a fresh look, a new month is coming, a new spring...and a new start ;) This banner was the image of my blog since 2008. I'll go on...and my art will never stop changing and growing.

March 25, 2011

Dalí in love

Still not finished that little girl and already in love. If I was her...surely would do the same ;)

March 23, 2011

They draw and cook #2

Published today on They Draw and illustration for the FIG recipe contest.
I went for the Fresh Fig Jam and I really hope to find nice figs this summer to try this delicious one! My illustration looks like some kind of beach...sugar instead of sand, cloves instead of shells, cinnamon sticks to break the upcoming waves...and so on :)
Friday the 6 winners will be anounced. Take a look to the 138 other recipes!
All different exciting!

March 22, 2011

My girl

I found some time to listen to her...and help her growing...
Although she is not finished yet I'm loving looks like she talking to me...guess that I did a good job with her eyes. I'm ready to make her a dress, hope she will like my idea.
My god! I have already a place for her in my mind on my upcoming exhibition...never thought that some paper and clay could speak to my heart!
In one week you are ready my girl...for the big world!

March 20, 2011


Dalí enjoys the sun like never before. It will be his first Spring ever!
He is very excited my catman! And me too. What light can do with a human being!!! I finished another recipe for They Draw and Cook. This time to participate in a contest about fig-recipes. I went for a fresh fig jam that I want to make very soon for my two men! :)
More about the contest on next saturday!

March 14, 2011

Eldibujodelgato - postcards!

I started making some postcards of my drawings.
The opening of my Etsy-shop is planned for the beginning of May, so the right time to start designing my future products :) This is Blossom Breeze in a new you like it?

March 13, 2011


She was home.
Suddenly the whole house shaked.
and she knew that this wasn't like before.
She looked outside and the sea was bigger than normally
...a huge monster was coming closer.
And then she started dreaming that they were running, she and her little cat,
higher and higher into the mountains.
Forever she will stay into that dream.
The sea is calm again...the house isn't anymore.

in memory of all the victims from this tragedy

March 12, 2011


I'm preparing my upcoming expo and surely one of the most important things so that your public has a pleasant view onto your work should be the frame around the work.
My drawings are so small, mostly like a postcard, nothing more and I was searching a nice and honest idea for my works. First I thought to work with second hand frames (tough that will take me ages to find exactly those that I will like!) all different ones...but I think I founded it! It's very simple but looks strong although a little sensible cause I don't use glass to protect. I don't like glass! It gives me nerves all the time. So this is my try-out with the first drawing. I painted a background, made a frame out of wood, pasted those two together and then I bring some cardboard on the back of the drawing...that way the drawing is lifted from the background and a little shadow makes the drawing floating in the Aubergine-sea around it. Now, I know what to do next weeks ;)

March 5, 2011


Noooo! I'm not always in a flow! :) Javi made this pic saturday afternoon...
when my week of vacation started.
No academy, no museum-workshops,...sounds like no work at all but I planned so much to do!
In one month I will have an exhibition with my drawings, so I can start organizing and arranging everything for that event. Making invitations, printing postcards, framing my drawings, finishing my Valentina-doll, ...and so many more!
I will come up with another Giveaway in the last week of march.
My way to thank you for visiting me here all year round, to thank the gods bringing Spring back to live and to give everyone the possibility to join in my exhibiton.
Be prepared to join and win!

March 4, 2011

Pre-Inca Workshop

For a kind of a 'World day' on a school in the 'far-west' of Flanders I gave a workshop inspired on the pre-inca woven textiles. The kids (12-13 years) worked with stencils of adhesive plastic on cotton with acrylics and sponges. They learned about another culture that is still so unknown for them at that age...and I could share once more my infinitely passion for my second home.
An inspiring morning we had!!!

Dank aan Ank en Marianne voor de uitnodiging!!! Super!

March 2, 2011

Back to my press

A little test on my printing press before I go printing this afternoon with the kids on the academy. We made drawings with glue and sand and now they are ready to print. I'm so excited to see their results! Find out here the drawings they made already on my other BLOG.

update : Watch the results