October 30, 2012

The fall of the kingfisher

He is still somewhere...Mr. Kingfisher. 
And he will live forever after that one second I noticed him in the garden of my parents. 
The original watercolour has a new owner but you can still adopt a kingfisher as napkin or print. 
NAPKINS /// on THIS LINK in my Envelop-shop / 4 napkins for 19,99 euro
PRINTS /// in my ETSY SHOP or just send an e-mail if you wish a smaller print then A4
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You need an extra autumn-shot! You can find that HERE!
Hij vertoeft nog altijd ergens ...Mr. De IJsvogel
Voor eeuwig blijft hij verderleven in mijn gedachten na die ene seconde dat ik hem ontmoette in de tuin van mijn ouders. De originele aquarel woont al een tijdje bij een nieuwe eigenaar maar je kan Mr. De IJsvogel nog altijd adopteren in de vorm van
SERVETTEN /// via ENVELOP.EU / 4 stuks voor 19,99 euro
of PRINTS /// in mijn ETSY SHOP of per mail als je een kleiner formaat dan A4 zou wensen.
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En ben je nog niet in herfststemming? Dat vind je HIER!

October 29, 2012

The papercat

Who needs the most attention of all?
Dalí or the drawing paper...hard choise :)
He decides when to take a break
Love this boy so much! 

ÑUSTAS - Peruvian sunprint #5

She appeared all of a sudden while walking and chatting with her friend in the streets of Urubamba.

October 28, 2012

Kathy & Javi

Once there was a boy on the other side of the planet in a country full of colours and mountains.
One day a girl came to him to steal his hearth, she took it with her to a cold and grey country far far away.
She felt so happy with that colourfull heart but then she realised that she couldn't live only with his heart.
The boy felt that it was easy to live without a heart but he couldn't live without that girl! 
He started a big journey.
He would find that girl with her green eyes and big feets.
And then it happened.
They found each other back in a lonely foggy forest!
All that time the girl had carried his heart with her and instead of giving back she would keep it forever and gave her heart into the beautiful hands of the boy with the dark eyes. They were dancing all day long and would love each other till there wouldn't exist autumn anymore...

A good friend of me took us to my beloved forest and we had a wonderfull sunday arranging this shoot.
So many thanks to Ilse!

Magic Sunday

October 15, 2012

A little intermission in the forest

 I was swept away this morning by this beauty. Beauty isn't even the right word. This is pure magic!
Hope you are enjoying the 'Cholita'-sunprints, more of them are waiting to present themselves to you.
Love the days!

October 13, 2012

October 11, 2012

CARPAYTA - Peruvian sunprint #1

Ayudar a regar - Helping to give water
Every day from now on I present you a sunprint I made last summer in Perú.
There was already a little exhibition for them but never published my girls on the net for a bigger public.
 So here they are! A 'cholita' a day keeps the nostalgia away.

October 7, 2012


Loading for a new week of adventures, a new week of life, a new week of simple things that will make me happy, that will make me cry, that will give me the honest feeling of living!
 Have a powerfull week!