March 26, 2012

Whale in the movie!

Remember the letterbook that I designed and illustrated some months ago. The loveliest man in my life shooted his images when I was making the last illustration/print. Now, we can show you the finished video he made about it. He is sooo talented and I'm so proud of his work and of him of course!
Love is bringing together talents :)
Have a lovely monday/week!

March 24, 2012

Paperdolls to color

Vandaag opende de nieuwe tentoonstelling in het Plantin Moretus museum in Antwerpen " Reizen in het onbekende".
Mijn aankleedpoppen zijn volledig klaar, de platen zijn te krijgen in het museum maar speciaal voor wie dat wil kan je ze hier in 1 klink downloaden, printen en starten met kleuren en spelen.
Maak er iets moois van en vergeet niet van me een foto door te sturen naar
Dalí is alvast begonnen aan zijn eigen pop! :)
The new exhibition about the big Belgian cartographer Mercator opened today in the museum Plantin-Moretus in Antwerp. These are the paperdolls totally finished.
Especially for all of you!
Download the images above, print them out and start playing with your colors!
Don't forget to send me a picture of your finished doll with her favourite clothes to
LOOK! Even Dalí is making his own doll! :)

March 19, 2012

Dolls from paper and love

Dear friends,
I'm still alive, still.
These months I'm feeling like doing the best to not drown in the bath of work and deadlines. I'm doing the best I can, I'm enjoying the work I do but my mental mood and spirit is suffering a bit.
The best thing is that I really love my different jobs, just combining all of them can take sometimes too much energy. Look, I'm drawing paperdolls inspired on images made in the 17th century. Love to do that and sure  if you know that soon kids will can take their piece of paperdoll-paper in the museum and go colouring and cutting the dolls designed by me. Soon more, and also about that globe of Mercator.
Promise you to don't stay away too long from my beloved blog. Have to tell so much more!
Don't forget this place, I'm still here on the globe :)
You too I hope!

March 4, 2012

Earth & Music


Two things that inspired me since I was born came together this week.
First my fascination for globes and maps. For the educational part of an upcoming exhibition in the museum where I'm working I'm redesigning the globe of Mercator, belgian and worldfamous for his maps, globes and projections, for kids. They will go home with their own little Mercator-globe...if I manage it this week to finish this project! And today just opened an exhibition in Sint-Niklaas about this man and his maps. Like I was waiting for it to inspire me more and more...I'm ready to make a nice educational plate of it.
Already tried a little print...later more!
And even it looks like I'm not drawing anymore, I do but still busy times in the time for my other inspiration : Music! We went to Utrecht (Nl) yesterday. Never been there, enjoyed the afternoon strolling around the lovely houses and little shops, drinking to much latte and eating finish the day in Tivoli to pick up the concert of Lianne La Havas. All because we were to late to buy a ticket for her concert in luckily we are to live in the smallest country of the whole world...driving to another country for a concert isn't that hard. Lianne was just perfect and made our day/weekend! Discover her tunes and be overwhelmed by this brand new voice and enormous talent!
Time for a new week, a lot of work and still hoping to find some time to draw a gato ;)

Have a nice week wherever you are...we are on the same cosy globe! x