July 30, 2009

To the north!

I will come back in more than one week with drawings and pictures, we are heading to the north of Peru to discover a new piece of this magnificent country.
Soon my impressions.
x Kathy!

July 29, 2009


I bought this bag made from natural-coloured wool and I am so happy with it!

July 25, 2009

La Ñusta de Caraz

Every year the village of Caraz has his election of is own 'Miss'. It's more than that. The girl that will be elected as the Ñusta of the whole valley represents a whole tradition and history. With a big ceremony just like it went some 1000 years ago she got all the traditional clothes and things to wear. She is like the witness of history, art and tradition of the valley for one year.

Elk jaar wordt er een nieuwe soort 'Miss' verkozen hier in Caraz. Ze is meer dan dat. Ze is het gezicht van de hele vallei en representeert een eeuwenoude traditie en geschiedenis. Via een traditionele ceremonie wordt ze aangekleed en uitgedost met alle nodige attributen. Voor één jaar lang is zij het boegbeeld van Caraz. De Ñusta.

July 23, 2009

Maiz morado

I dedicate this drawing to another very good friend : Sofie. She asked me to bring some packages of 'Mazamorra morada' with me. The origin of this more than delicious dessert is black corn or ' maiz morado'. The peruvians make a drink of it by boyling the corn and filter the juice of that and mix it with sugar, what is called 'chicha morada'. If you add some fruits and make the juice a little bit thicker then we call it 'mazamorra morada'. Or just by this bag above ;) and ready it is.

Deze tekening draag ik op aan een andere goede vriendin : Sofie. Ze vroeg me een paar zakjes 'mazamorra morada' voor haar mee te brengen. De basis van dit heerlijke dessert is zwarte of paarse maïs. Hier maken ze er een drank van door de mais te koken en het sap daarvan te filteren en zoeter te maken met suiker. Dat noemen we 'Chicha morada'. Als je dit sapje aandikt met maizena en een beetje ananas of ander lekkers ingooit bekom je 'mazamorra morada'. Of nog makkelijker, gewoon een zakje kopen hier of bestellen bij mij ;), 't komt eraan he sofietje!

July 22, 2009

Mi chinita Claudita

Since I know my husband I know this sweet girl Claudia. She is our niece and is so happy to see us back after a lot of time. Meanwhile I was drawing this one inspired on her she made her own drawing with my pencils and dedicated it to her father who lives in another city. Her heart must be made of gold ...we call her often Chinita, because she has those sweet thinny chinese eyes...that are ready to discover this world.

Toen ik mijn man leerde kennen, ontmoette ik tegelijkertijd dat kleine lieve meisje Claudia. Ze is ons nichtje en is nu zo gelukkig ons terug te zien na al die tijd. Terwijl ik dit tekende geïnspireerd op haar, maakte zij haar eigen tekening met mijn materiaal en droeg het op aan haar papa die een eind verderweg woont in een ander stadje. Ik geloof dat ze een gouden hartje moet hebben...we noemen haar vaak Chinita, omwille van haar kleine spleetoogjes...die blijkbaar helemaal klaar zijn om deze wereld te gaan ontdekken.

July 20, 2009

Out of the window

My everyday view out of our window in the sleeping room. The cordillera negra in front of us and beneath the window a little wooden heart that Leen, a close friend, gave me before setting of to Peru,...for all the luck on this journey. It's doing his job very well !

Mijn dagelijkse kijk vanuit onze slaapkamer. Recht voor ons de cordillegra negra en beneden op de vensterbank ligt een klein houten hartje dat Leen, een goede vriendin, me gaf voor ons vertrek naar Peru, ...voor al het geluk tijdens deze reis. En blijkbaar doet het zijn werk heel goed!

July 14, 2009

Brussels waffles in Peru!

In 2007 I brought an old waffle maker with me to Peru to prepare these delicious sweeties for our family here. Today I tried the brussels waffle, very crusty when fresh baken and more delicious with some sugar on top...and if they liked it?
In 2007 bracht ik mijn wafelijzer mee naar Peru om deze heerlijke lekkernij klaar te maken voor onze familie hier. Vandaag probeerde ik de brusselse wafel, lekker krokant, versgebakken en nog lekkerder met wat poedersuiker erop...en of ze het lekker vonden?

July 13, 2009

Laguna 69

A turquoise glacier lake among snow capped peaks in the high Andes. Laguna 69 : my most favourit lake!

July 11, 2009

La pileta de Caraz

Spotted on the Plaza de Armas of Caraz, 'La pileta' with the huge Huandoy in the back.

July 9, 2009

Out of the window

A view to the south of Caraz, with the moutains of the Cordillera Negra, the 'black' moutains because there is hardly never snowfall on the peaks in big contrast with their neighbours on the other side of the valley : the highest snowed peaks of Peru.

La huerta / The backyard

July 8, 2009


Finally finished. A watercolour I started last week for my Peruvian father. Painted from an old photograph telling about long time ago ...when he was used to drive his horse Pataclan.

Feliz Cumpleaños!!!

Claudia and Milene, my peruvian nieces helped me decorating the cake for the birthday of my sister-in-law, Rocio. It's just so much fun to do and those colors are so brilliant...and the cake was delicious!!!

July 5, 2009

Print arrived in Italy

My dear blog-friend Snezana received my print this week I sended her before leaving to Peru.
She is a serbian artist/fashion-designer living in Italy.
We made a deal as I really like her drawings and so I received the drawing 'Impossibility' from her in change for my 'Viva Mama'.
It was the first drawing of my blog that crossed the borders of his homeland.
That gave me just a greet feeling, also because it is received with a lot of love.

Hoping this will happen more in the near future :)

July 3, 2009


This little 'cántarito' in watercolour I filled up with some Bougainvillea that you can find wherever here in Caraz, our small city in the Andes.
Cause I don't have any scanner overhere I'm trying to make some nice pictures of my drawings with typical things from here to frame my drawing. Hope you like it...

Our children

A mural somewhere in the valley...

July 2, 2009

Mis flores

The flowers that I had in our room in Huaraz-Perú in 2007 are still alive! With many thanks to my peruvian family who treated these ones like angels. Therefore I painted this watercolour as a gift to my peruvian mother-in-law