October 28, 2011


Time for Q and his friends. This is how far I am for now. Still to com is L and F.
In black and white for now to have a bright look on the form itself.
Any comments, ideas are welcome of course!

October 27, 2011

Prince Charming

It's the perfect day to prepare my little garden for the coming winter. So I did some creative things with branches, it looks so good with all the green around and I while removing some flower pots, there he jumped out and looked at me! I shouted, but rather like woooooow!
He waited a while until I had my camera and he took me to his place.
Incredible fact! He could take so many paths but he choosed to climb! over my brand new creation :)
Such a charming prince I thought!
I tried to follow him but in some seconds there wasn't any prince around anymore.
But I'm thankful that I could take these pics of that guy!

October 25, 2011

Pillows around the world

 Always nice to see my drawings in other hands!
This pillow travelled to Chadia and she was immediately inspired to make a 'real' Cupcake-cat!
When I made this drawing I dreamed to eat one like that someday...and look!
Nice to see how are people are moved by my little drawing!
The pillow you can find in my SHOP

Altijd super om mijn tekeningen in andere handen te zien!
Dit cupcake-kussen  inspireerde Chadia onmiddelijk tot het maken van zo een echte Cupcake-cat!
Toen ik deze tekening maakte speelde ik met het idee om zo'n cupcakes te maken, maar zie!
Heerlijk om te zien hoe mijn tekening vanlles in beweging zet!
Het kussen is te koop in mijn SHOP
Met dank aan Ilse Craeye voor de sfeerbeelden

October 22, 2011

ABC - book in progress

I'm cutting and cutting, my back is hurting a lot...but I'm close to the finish and my own creations keep me going on. This viking turned out even more sympathic then I wanted, soon I fall in love with him :) Love the proces...colouring is so much fun!

October 20, 2011

The mushroom people

 I knew I had to go back after our visit last sunday without  our camera. I've heard the mushroom people calling this morning...so I took my camera and a big green blanket to lay on for nice shots of the little ones. Time flew away while I was shooting, playing with the ponys and enjoying beiing with all these special creatures! I can't help...I'm in love with this forest and everyone who lives there!
It's so close and meanwhile so far away from daily life. I can forget a little while bills, telephones, e-mails, and all those things that occupy so many time. In the forest doesn't exist our time, it's another way of life.
Hope you will enjoy my pictures and go searching the mushroom people by yourself, they're worth it!

October 19, 2011

This day

1/ I woked up with a very strong light in my bedroom. The sky was deepgray on one side and the sun was burning the other side. Somewhere over the rainbow...that was my place this morning. 2/ The postmen ringed once and there he was with a little gift for my sister-in-law...hope she will love this creation made by Fleurfatale. The way of packaging made me feel so happy and let's not forget the jewels inside. Visit Greet's shop FLEURFATALE...and discover a sweet world of beauties. 3/ A shot of productivity in my class this afternoon, working with soapstone...and they loved it! More photos on my other blog / EL DIBUJO DEL NIÑO 4/ A rare photo of myself with my students, thanks to my collegue Ellen who  took this picture :)

And now back home, time for tea and a soaked biscuit :) Hooooooooray!

October 18, 2011

Thankful for every day

 The rural view when I arrive in Antwerp Central station some days a week. Last saturday the morning sun was coming in and made me feel like in some kind of urban heaven. Impressive no?
Another kind of heaven on sundayafternoon. My beloved forest. Have to go back to take some pictures of incredible mushrooms. They're getting old...the end of there lives is close, hope the sun will come back these days.
And of course, my biggest inspiration and helping hand. Cannot leave it to show you how beautiful he is! When I was stamping yesterday he was thinking about the final lay-out of my book... :)

October 17, 2011


This huge paper will come into the new Alice in Wonderland-book I'm making in my course. This will be the paper inside. One in the beginning, one in the end. Time to stitch the restored book! :)

October 14, 2011

Yvonne & Dalí

Een nieuwe illustratie voor de kersverse column van Lily. Check het ZieZoZon-onlinemagazine en wordt even meegenomen in Lily's wereld!
A new drawing for the column of Lily, a writing friend. If your dutch is that good you can go ahead to the online magazine ZieZoZon to discover her story!
 Here is my little boy that inspires my every day. He is a real man now, almost 1 year and a half. Days are getting colder and he knows very well where it is warm and cosy. Right! On top of my laptop-case.
I love every piece of this kindly monster!

October 6, 2011

Calendar 2012

 Already october! Next month my birthday and the beginning of the darkest days. So, I thought to survive the coming winter and to begin a splendid 2012 we will need a heartwarming calendar! I'm working on it so I can launch him around the end of this month. You can pre-order one by sending me a mail on kathydewit@gmail.com, keep you posted!!! :) Exciting no?
De maanden vliegen! Oktober alweer en volgende maand mijn verjaardag en meteen het begin van de donkerste tijd van het jaar. Om die hele duisternis te kunnen overleven en een fantastisch 2012 te kunnen verwelkomen dacht ik dat een hartverwarmende kalender het ideale geschenk moet zijn!
Ik ben druk bezig en normaalgezien moet hij er helemaal zijn tegen eind deze maand. Je kan jou exemplaar al reserveren door me een mailtje te sturen op kathydewit@gmail.com, ik hou jullie op de hoogte!

October 3, 2011

Sunday in history

 A sunday like we didn't had in ages. From one second to another we decided around noon to leave our home and travel to the east of the country. Once, in another life I visited the Gallo-Roman museum in Tongeren, the oldest ciry of Belgium and one called Atuatuca Tungrorum by the Romans who made a real city of it and battled overhere with the Eburones, a tribe in that region. But after so many years the museum got a huge facelift and also my husband never visited this magic place where it all began for Belgium. We enjoyed the history while the Indian Summer made from this day such a gift! In Hasselt we discovered a very new coffee pub, called Mucho Gusto, and really, who is in town, don't forget to pass by and enjoy of the arts of Roel, the owner of this magic place!