October 28, 2011


Time for Q and his friends. This is how far I am for now. Still to com is L and F.
In black and white for now to have a bright look on the form itself.
Any comments, ideas are welcome of course!


rossichka said...

Hello, Kathy! I enjoy all your letters and the conception that they are a part of something bigger, hidden in it... I imagine "L" like the nose of somebody's profile or as a hockey stick.:)
P.S. I have a lot of theatre projects to go through, so I don't have much free time for comments, but I always have a glimpse at your lovely posts!:-)

Soju Shots said...

its looking amazing!!! i love d and g most....beautiful work

roberto M. said...

Hola Kathy, me encantaron las fotos de la rana, me gustan las ranas, me parece un animal con un diseño perfecto, bah, seguramente todos lo tienen ja ja!
Bien ya casi está el abecedario!!!.
se ve muy lindo en blanco y negro.
Buena semana para los tres!!!!