April 28, 2010

The winning week 2

They arrived! Since two weeks I had my winning week. And these postcards are a gift from my very good blogfriend Sandra Vargas. She is a Peruvian living in the USA and makes the most wonderful designs! Go and check her blog and shop!
Amiga, you made my day!!!
Thank you sooooo much!

April 27, 2010

My Heroes / 2

As I promised to start drawing all my heroes! Here is the first male! And who said that heroes cannot have a cat? :) Roald Amundsen is one of my biggest heroes after all I guess...after Darwin! He was a Norwegian explorer of Polar regions. Imagine, he was the leader of the first expedition to the South Pole! What a men! And more, he had something with my country! He was first mate on the Belgian Antarctic expedition to the South Pole leaded by Adrian de Gerlache on the ship with the marvellous name...Belgica. The crew had to endure a winter there on that ship. What a story! I love it!
I was always crazy of exploring, travelling and extremes.
Does my hero mean something to you or what are yours? :)

April 24, 2010


Light play a leading role while drawing...too much sun can be hard to draw. In my little room I prefer my unnatural light focused on the paper...and if I need some sunlight then I take a jump and go walking into the growing garden before turning back totally concentrated on growing drawings. :)

April 23, 2010

My Heroes / 1

Here is my new heroine! HYPATIA is her name. Never heard about her until some days ago while watching the movie Agora of the Spanish-Chilean director Amenábar. With those kind of movies I always make a little jump inside because of the wonderfull dresses in those times. From the Greek until the Victorians! Still dreaming of wearing one someday!
But my Hypatia...she was like the first astronomer and notable woman in mathematics! There is so much to know about her...and in the end killed by some men who couldn't resist that women knew more then them! May'be I have to start to make some more portraits of my other heroines! Many of them were killed by awfull men...but I also have some huge heroes! Worth trying to draw I guess...:) Don't know if Hypatia liked cats, but in my world all my heroes had a cat :)

April 22, 2010

Dead or alive?

Sometimes very little things can made my day...it can be the smallest thing on earth that makes me feel living for 200%!
This morning when I arrived in the museum where I am working I discovered finally the butterfly that was flying high in the printing-room since some days. These rooms are in a medieval building with very high walls and windows, so high that I couldn't catch the poor animal and give it his freedom.
When I came back there after the weekend, there wasn't any butterfly anymore. This morning I tried the printing machine by the hugh wheel and almost I crushed him with my enormous feet!!! There he was!

Closed with his wings, black and very sad! I was so happy to find him, took it with a lot of care to the garden and gave him some green leaves to sit down. The little poor butterfly opened his wings very slowly and tried some times to move them again...it was soooo sad to see. He looked like an old airplane that doesn't function well anymore! I was so sad but fascinated...while I prepaired my workshop I was running every minute outside to see him back. Again the wings were closed...he was totally ill of beiing in that room for several days with the smell of those horrible liquids we use to etch! I could take some lovely photographs of this kind of butterfly...he watched me and opened his wings...he made me sooooo happy...and at noon there wasn't any butterfly more in the garden...I hope he found his freedom!!!

What a beginning of this Earth Day!!!

April 21, 2010


...greek for Hypatia,
want to draw her after watching Alejandro Almenábar's AGORA...

April 19, 2010

The visit

Ok, I could not resist to publicate this pic here on my blog of Toulouse, the cat of my neighbours. There is a cat as maintheme, the red is my beloved colour and above all I like her 'pose'....when I feel stressed I just have to watch this one. I made the picture yesterday while making carrotsoup...she was waiting for a hug of me. That's the reason also of her daily visits to my house...some hugs and a little meatball ;)

April 18, 2010

The main course / El plato principal

On sundays I'm trying always to prepare something really delicious...in the week I just cook delicious, on sundays with a little extra :).
Today I had to work in the museum so I couldn't prepare another dream. Instead of that I made this quickly print by etching. I scanned the image and brought some photoshop-clouds and magic to it :)
The erupting Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull is holding down every airplane in almost whole Europe...the gigantic ash-clouds are causing enormous troubles in the life of so many peoples.
Vacation is ending today, thousands are waiting to return homewards stucked in their-once upon a time- lovely resort...
Nature without frontiers, back to basic, back to nature, back to the force of our mother planet?
She is still here and she looks more active then ever!
Watch this video of the song you can hear on my player. While choosing the music I didn't have any idea of the theme of this video...I only like a lot the music from Icelandic musicians and I thought it would just be perfect...and look! it is!!!

April 17, 2010

The winning week

This magical light arrived to my little house this week after I was one of the winners in a Giveaway of Made in Belgium, a Facebookgroup that is a stage to wonderfull Belgian talents in design, illustration, clothing and many more. This present is a design from Bleu Celeste. An incredible place to buy Japanese paper or little things made of these marvellous prints! Since many time I'm a huge fan of Bleu Celeste and that will not chance, even worser :) I'm sooo happy with this one and if you want, get fan of Made in Belgium and try yourself to win beautiful wonder-things!
Tanks so much Bleu Celeste and Made in Belgium!!!
Also this week I was the lucky winner of another Giveaway on the blog of Sandra. My present is travelling all the way down from Denver (USA) buth when it will arrive be sure I will share it with all of you. Go and visit already Sandygrafik to have a look on her talent.

April 16, 2010

Drawing a background

A very boring post is this one! I know:)...but I tried to make pics of while I was transforming this little paper into a usefull background for a project I'm working on. Later on I can tell more about it...now it's still working-time without too many words:)

April 14, 2010

Workshop 3 & 4 : Monsterprinting and Pop-ups

See them turning the wheel, they were so happy in the end...with their huge print of a coloured monster made out of carton pieces and a lot of imagination!

We made a little book each with his unique story! Saving the planet or the birthday from dad...imagination enough to make a little pop-up!

April 13, 2010

Workshop 2 : Papermaking

Lucky we were to have a garden inside the museumwalls hidden from the huge city! The sun helped us very well to dry our crazy created papers and gave us a pleasant afternoon full of joy and lovely results!

April 12, 2010

Workshop 1 : STAMPS

Next four posts will be a little diary of what I'm doiing these days. I even cannot find the time to draw a line so my blog has to suffer a while. Anyway, I'm hoping by posting these pics you can have an idea of how I'm helping the future artists to develop their arts! :) I'm giving on two days 4 different workshops...
Here you can see some results of kids from 6-7 years who made their own original stamp they can use wherever. I enjoyed it and they too!

April 11, 2010


I tried my own pop-up. Next week I will give a workshop about this in the museum to kids. I took a copy of a drawing I made last autumn and started cutting and folding the paper. This is the way it turned out. It's so fun doiing this...hope my enthousiasm will give the right boost to the kids!

These are some details that shows better how my drawing turned out into a more 3D image ;)

April 10, 2010


Inspiring exhibition of Papier-mache animals made by Mexican artists in BOZAR, Brussels.
Next week FRIDA KAHLO!

April 9, 2010

Making little papers

To prepare myself for un upcoming workshop 'Making paper' with kids...I tried these simple ones...my blossom flower turned out into a sad brown...anyway, it looks now like a very oooold little flower :), I'm ready for it I guess.

April 6, 2010

Garden fascination

After so many months of darkness, last days we could finally enjoy some warm and sunny hours! I cannot keep off my eyes from the miracles in the garden. It's so energizing me ! Look my garden-architecture ;) (saw something like this for the first time in my life somewhere in Norway, long time ago...)I want to make some attractive borders in my tiny little garden & the flowering branch I found near the fields where I was searching the other branches.

April 4, 2010

Chocolate - madness

Like every year time had come to taste the delicious chocolate-eggs...bought myself one package of dark eggs and could bring them into my tummy in less then one day I guess.
Easter passed and so the chocolate is gone. Anyway, still there is a package of white chocolate for my husband...but not one finger will touch them :), if it isn't dark then I'm save.

April 3, 2010

Easter cups

Time for chocolate eggs, easter bunnies jumping out of the bushes...and eating too much sweet things. It's only once a year easter. Enjoy, relax and taste! Have a happy easter.
These little cupcakes are a surprise for my family ...hope they will like my cinnamon/apple cakes...here I come! :)

April 2, 2010

Me and my room : again together

After a very cold winter I finally became 'one' again with my drawingroom...in wintertime I was drawing downstairs in the warmer places of the house. Darkness made my room so sad...
So now, while the days are growing and there is more light in the morning and evening I love it to be there on my chair...and my table...to give birth to lines and colours...:)